Sunday 17 April 2016

Sorting Through Cook Books

We were all set to go out this morning and finally weed the messy front flower beds, but the rain had other ideas!! 
So we started indoor jobs instead.  I stayed in the kitchen after breakfast, first I moved things from fridge to freezer, a sweet and sour dish of Lovely Hubbys and a curry of mine, both leftovers from the other nights tea but not really wanted to eat again this weekend.  I prepped todays lunch and mixed up the Mediterranean veggies for tonight's tea so that, as my hero Nigel would say, 'the flavours can get to know each other'. 
While I was doing this and LH was busy upstairs on the computer doing businessy financial things the sun came out again so I rushed through what I was doing ready to venture out to the great outdoors, then no sooner had I cleared the decks ready to go out then it clouded over again and great fat drops of rain fell onto the kitchen skylight above my head.
Foiled again!!

So instead I am browsing through some of the cookbooks that I guess I always knew at the back of my mind I didn't really need.  The odds and sods picked up at charity shops and car boot sales, that I was tempted to buy due to silly low prices but that never really were my style at all ... and some of them so full of meat dishes that my first instinct is to snap  the covers shut like I used to as a child when I came across pictures of spiders in books and comics.

Any recipes, or even just good ideas that I come across I am simply photographing and I will leave them loaded on the computer for reading again or printing out at a later date.
There are some  interesting things to read ...

... and a few things that I might make ....

... but not enough to make me keep the physical book on the shelves any longer.
Car Boot sale season is almost upon us and it will be nice to once again make some more space in the house and pocket some extra cash while we do so.
Sue xx


  1. I have kept cookbooks over the years, as well. It wasn't until we redid our kitchen that I parted with quite a few. There are some that I will keep, regardless of the ease of finding recipes on the internet. I've written in them, dog eared favourite recipes, even rated them according to what the family thought. I never had a "Hairy Bikers' Cookbook", however. -Jenn

  2. I haven't parted with any of my cookbooks this year even with announcing a 'one in, one out' policy after I had my kitchen redone and there was no more room to hold them! They always put ,e in such a good mood leafing through them, it's my perfect down time! Hope you've had a lovely afternoon!


  3. I also have loads of cook books that don't get opened, and from each only one or two recipes were worth it. I was interested in the Rhubarb crumble cake, but I'm not sure I'd trust using completely uncooked rhubarb. Have you done it? I do like rhubarb well cooked. A desktop folder of pictures of recipes seems like an excellent idea. Thank you Sue

    1. I haven't tried this cake but I have used rhubarb from raw in pies and crumbles and it cooks down really quickly. Try it and see if it's okay for you, it does save time.

    2. I too do crumbles using rhubarb from raw. I think it is cooked too much if you cook it first. It does give out a lot of liquid tho, which I think makes it a tricky ingredient in anything else

  4. I've got my Mum's old Good Housekeeping which is my cooking bible - even though it drives me bonkers that I have to convert the weights from Imperial to metric!

  5. I have te GH too!
    Our rhubarb is finally shooting through. It's gone from nothing to blink and you will miss it. I may try something over the weekend using it. I can't wait. One of my favourites.
    Also the simple biscuits look a good recipe, easy to remember too.

  6. I have many cookbooks, and I never open them except for the one I helped my mother write some 15 years ago.

  7. Ah yes Sue, that cookbook thing struck a chord. There was a time when I watched every cookery programme and various folk bought me all the books - now I rarely use most of them, sticking to tried and tested recipes, or creating my own.


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