Saturday 2 April 2016

More Free Seeds

Two mornings this week I heard the happy thudding of my magazines falling onto the doormat, it creates a frenzy of barking from the dogs and a smile for my face.

They both come in polythene bags containing the magazine and my free seeds. The Kitchen Garden magazine had £9.15 worth of free seeds and ...

... my Grow Your Own magazine had £6.67 worth of free seeds.

And of course they both gave me yet another elastic band for my collection.

Sue xx


  1. The poly bags are useful too if they don't have inked on labelling. If you can't use them then some charity shops will use the see through ones to bag up small items such as toys for sale. Always love reading your posts, such an inspiration. Thank you. Vee x

  2. Oh I'm surrounded by people getting their seeds sorted. Must get my bum in gear!

  3. Is the small space big harvest section a good useful read? I very occasionally buy the magazine but cant afford a subscription. Am a very beginner grower so if its useful it maybe worth me picking a copy up.

  4. I was really pleased with the Kitchen Garden seeds this month.

  5. Gosh, at this rate you will have to dig up your entire field to grow all these seeds! I bought mine this week (Wilko had a half price sale) so as soon as my birthday plastic greenhouse arrives next week, I will be able to get them started off.

  6. Hi Sue I like these two magazines too. Funnily enough have been to a Farm Shop today and bought some small preserved pattypan squash stuffed with cream cheese. We had not seen them before. However they were delicious OH greatly taken with them. I see that this month there are free pattypan seeds. I shall have to go and have a recce for them. I don't have them on subscription either.

    My garden I being cleared on 13 April or at least they are starting it then I might be able to get set too with plants and seeds. I cannot wait.

    Take care.



  7. I have officially read through all of your archives and am now completely up to date.. wow! What an adventure the past years have been and I've loved reading through them! I do find myself channeling my "inner Sue" over the past days - Radishes that were going to be past their prime to eat were pickled (and enjoyed on home made hamburgers), we only have a tiny balcony but what I CAN grow in containers are now in little seedling containers germinating on the window ledge. Jars are being washed out and saved, and have already been put to use!

    Looking forward to following you along for many years, and maybe sharing with you my story when we get our forever home!

  8. Hope to here how much your yield is when the seeds bear, probably at least 10 to 1, over the subscription costs.

  9. I have just signed up to the kitchen garden magazine using my Tesco Clubcard vouchers. I can't wait to receive our first copy x x


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