Monday 4 April 2016

In the Fridge and Reverse Bills

Everytime I open the fridge I smile at it's contents ..... a pack of Nematodes is not what you expect to find on the cheese shelf!!  

I have just enough left in the pack after doing the poly and net tunnels just before I copper-banded them, to be able to do a couple of watering cans full of Nemaslug on the pots and the tin bath on the patio.  It needs to be used up by 5th April so I had better get a shufty on tomorrow.  Up to now there has been no sightings of any slugs or slug babies in the polytunnel and I've been digging over most of the beds so it seems to have worked very well.

And here it is ... our very first 'reverse bill'.  

A payment to us from British Gas for supplying the National Grid with some energy.  Lovely Hubby thought it should have been higher, but thinking about how dark and dismal it has been up until the last couple of weeks, and knowing that our battery backup system has only been fully in action for the last month or so I think  to get this much and more importantly not to get yet another quarterly bill for £450 or so pounds is very good.  Well I'm happy ... it's another step forward in our push for self sufficiency.

Sue xx


  1. We have solar panels Sue and I must say it is always very pleasing to get a cheque.

  2. I think that cheque is amazing. I would photocopy it and frame it!

  3. Good for you on your reverse bill! My husband found a big snail in the yard the other day, so he is on the hunt.

  4. That cheque is fantastic, well done on your reverse billing

  5. It must be wonderful to receive money from an energy company. I know solar is a huge investment but its great that you are getting something back so soon. We are surrounded by solar farms here on the coast. Hundreds of panels stretch across huge fields.

  6. You could make more money by pretending the slugs are snails, and selling in posh tins as food

  7. Much better a blessing the a bill!


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