Friday 13 July 2012

Perfick !!

We are off out today (yes I will do anything or go anywhere to avoid packing), we are off the the lovely Yeo Valley again.  The wonderful place where they make all those scrummy yogurts and wonderful eats.

No, I'm not going to tour a yogurt factory,  although I must say I would love to....but would I suit a hairnet....I fear not, I'd feel a bit Ena Sharples I think!  I'm going there to hear a talk by the very lovely and knowledgeable Jekka McVicar on herbs, planting them, using them and all their wonders.

I was lucky enough to win this second day there from Lucy over at The Smallest Smallholding.
I'm so excited.  The first day of Lovely Hubbys holiday from work ready for our holiday next week and we have a day Pa Larkin would say....Perfick!!

Sue xx


  1. Shame our Somerset weather can't cooperate to make the day completely 'perfick' for you, Sue - sorry about that, wishing really really hard doesn't work for everything!!! ;-)

    Hope you have (had, by the time you read this) a lovely day.

    Sooze xx

  2. Oh, how lovely! Jekka is so amazing, sounds like a wonderful event. Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful pictures, sounds like a great outting today, I would so enjoy that!! Better get to the packing or you will be running around in your birthday suit

  4. Please take a pair of trousers for that poor man in the top pic, he looks cold and embarrassed!
    Jane x

  5. Was lovely to finally meet you " in real life" Sue, and LH as well :-)

    I really enjoyed the garden tour - could have happily just sat for an hour in the composting area Lol!

    Journey back was a nightmare though for me - got home at 8 15 pm :-(

    Hope your trip home was ok?


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