Friday 12 December 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes when it comes to three men trapped inside a conservatory, by the weather I hasten to add ...not by me!!

The last remaining gaps were all filled with insulation boards and then work started on plaster-boarding the ceiling. 

Looking better all the time.

And apart from the hole where the Velux will fit it is now almost weatherproof and getting warmer by the day.

Although to look at the dogs snuggled up in the bed by the Aga you would think the temperatures were in the minus figures.

Rosy prefers to be a little cooler but to have more room for herself.

And before anyone complains .... other dogs beds are available ;-)

Advent Challenge - Day 12

A brand new IPod.  Lovely Hubby treated himself and then gave up on it.  It's gone to the charity shop, perhaps it will be a good Christmas pressie for someone.  Better it gone than it sat here making Lovely Hubby feel guilty for buying it in the first place.

Sometimes freeing yourself from the guilt of a bad purchase by passing it on, feels as good as the space your former clutter took up.

Sue xx


  1. That is a brilliant point as sometimes having the item hanging about only makes us feel even worse about buying it in the first place - much better to let someone else appreciate it and enjoy it! You inspired me to clear out my wardrobe this week so there are a few items going to the charity shop this weekend.

  2. We have a similar problem with a 2 seater settee that is in the dining room. It has hardly been sat on except by the odd visitor who sits there to chat whilst I cook.

  3. Fabulous progress and confirmation you chose the right (local) builder. Dare I say you might be finished in time for your Christmas dinner?

  4. Looks like work is going well. Your dogs looks very happy.

  5. OMG the dogs are so sweet.

  6. Gasp! Giving away a brand new iPod. They were discontinued this year and are now a hot commodity because they are unavailable. People are buying extra ones in case their last one dies.

  7. They did get a lot done in a day! The dogs looks so cute all cuddled up in the bed.

  8. Oh, it is making good progress - it's going to be a great room


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