Sunday 7 December 2014

If You Don't Need It .....

Everyone's on a bit of a buying marathon at the moment, but I'm trying my best to keep this little image in my head.

Of course there are a couple of exceptions ;-)

Advent Challenge - Day 7

Just a couple of magazines .  One from Christmas this year and one from last year.  Both to the charity shop.  Hopefully another £1 in their till and a bit of space for me.

Sue xx


  1. I using that philosophy for years. I haven't been in any charity to buy for about three years (long story) I give though. I now put on freecycle and and just give away!

  2. I love that top image, definitely one to keep in mind. The mindless buying seems to be in overdrive this year for some reason. I had to go to town yesterday and everyone was stressed out while shopping. It rather kills any enjoyment of this time of year to me!

  3. I love that wartime poster- but it seems kind of ironic that people are buying copies of it on eBay! We have a box under the coffee table which we keep filling up then taking to the CS. I WILL give away more stuff before I move house, I WILL, I WILL! Thank you for the encouragement - it helps!! Advent blessings x

  4. If only I could get to that charity shop today! But alas I'm too far away.
    We can't afford to buy magazines these days and these here are my favorite kind. Just love the english countryside!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. love the quote about books

  6. Naughty girl Sue! No more mag buying!

  7. I am follow your practice of the Advent clear out. I am going through my things and posting them on Instagram with Free to a good home. Most items have been grabbed up by my kids friends who are starting to furnish their own homes. Leftovers will be going off to charity.


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