Tuesday 23 December 2014

Rolling Around in the Loft

We're off for the day to work in someone else's house.  Well ours is almost finished and we'd get bored if we sat still ... so we volunteered to top up Mum's loft space with some more insulation. Lovely Hubby is gathering together his safety gear ....gloves, glasses and a mask and then we'll hit the road.


You've got to make sure your Mum is warm and cosy over Winter haven't you :-)

See you soon Mum. xx

Advent Challenge - Day 23

A little antique stoneware jar.  It's gone off to the charity shop already.  It hadn't been used since we moved here so although I liked it a lot it was obviously not necessary for me to have it.

Sue xx


  1. You do indeed have to take care of mums! I am off today too and am off to help on a homeless project for the afternoon! Hope you don't get too itchy, I did ours last winter, it's not as vile as it used to be but still not a nice job! Enjoy your time with your mum!

  2. What a great job to do for your mum. OH did mine recently and it's itchy horrible stuff!

  3. I wished you lived near me, I would snap that up in the charity shop. I love the colour, simple clean

  4. Love the little card with the animals all about the camper ~ looks like us when we go on vacay.
    Happy Holidays ,

  5. We certainly do have to look after our Mums xx

  6. Love the little stone jar. And so glad you are helping your Mum keep warm. Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. Hope you and your family and all the pets have a super Christmas. Turkey about to go in the oven so our dogs are going crazy!! And we're due snow in the morning so they'll be really excited. Merry Christmas everyone xx


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