Tuesday 2 December 2014

I'm in Hot Water!!

I'm in hot water .... well up to my elbows anyway.

The central heating/hot water oil fired boiler is now re-installed and working on all cylinders.  This means hot water for washing pots, and last night ... luxury of luxuries .... a nice hot bath.

Having something like hot water and central heating taken off you for while makes you appreciate it all the more, and I do.  Although now the heating is back in action the new house thermostat is set at just 16.5 degrees, and that's where it will stay unless I really need it higher at some point during the day.  At this temperature a woolly jumper or a couple of layers and warm socks make it a very pleasant place to be, I really don't like a hot house.   But knowing how well we managed without the heating means that it will only be used as a background warmth, the Aga and wood burner will still be our main source of heat for the house.

Advent Challenge - Day 2

A little mug I was given as a freebie when we were at the Llanrwst Country Show this Summer.  I've never used it, maybe someone else would like to, it's gone to the charity shop anyway, even if they only get 50p for it at least it may be useful to someone.

Sue xx


  1. I've had periods in a past life when heating was non-existent and hot water a luxury. Maybe that is why every single morning when I stand under the shower I say 'thank you'. Or maybe I am just plain ol' weird . . .

    Glad you enjoyed your bath :}

  2. Glad to hear you're re-connected to the hot tap ;o)

  3. Glad your hot water & heat is back on.

  4. Glad your sorted, things like that make us all appreciate our little luxuries.

  5. Yea, a hot water extravaganza! So happy for you to be back in the heat of things.

  6. I read a book once, or saw a film, I can't remember which, where the central figure was offered a bowl of hot water in which to wash, and it was the first time in his life where he had ever experienced anything but cold. The expression on his face (I guess it was a movie) was so expressive, the joy, the pleasure, the happy disbelief, obviously I've never forgotten. I know how you felt and how you feel now. WARM greetings.

  7. Yay! Nothing worse than no hot water. We came back from holiday to find the boiler had thrown a fit and had a "dry fire" error. The house was freeeeeeeezing and already starting to feel damp again. Thankfully I have insurance so it's well and truly earned its cost this year!

  8. 16.5 degrees! Blimey, that's not much. I went to a WI committee meeting this afternoon, and in preparation, put on a t-shirt. The president keeps her place so warm, I am prickly hot when I go there. She had a lovely wood fire as well as the central heating today. It was even warmer than usual, then after a bit, she shut the sitting room door to keep out the draught.
    Very glad about that t-shirt!


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