Friday 5 December 2014

Giving Away Things That I Like

Advent Challenge - Day 5
Emma Bridgewater Jug.

I've gotten to the stage now that I am actually, in some instances, giving away things that I really like.  Not many but some.  I like the chest of drawers that I'm giving to my son, I really like this little jug, but they are things that I am not using, are not really needed and by giving them away I hope that they will be appreciated and useful to someone else.  It's easier to let go of things the more you get into the 'giving' mindset.

The Christmas decorations have gone up, not many but the few that we do put up.  It's become a bit of a tradition to put them up on our anniversary now and it was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday.  Lovely Hubby came home from his week working away to find the living room toasty warm with the log burner lit, candles twinkling away on the mantlepiece and the living room looking suitably Christmassy.  It's a nice contrast to the outside of the house with the dust, rubble and building supplies stacked everywhere.

I watched the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners episode on Channel Four last night and was amazed to see the lady washing her baubles in bleach water, and even more amazed to learn that she takes them off the tree and re-does them every week.  I'm afraid mine stay 'dirty' and I guess dusty, until they come down after Christmas.  Life's too short to bleach a bauble!!

And as for the lady that takes her tree down at 2pm on Christmas Day!!!

The conservatory improvements are coming on in leaps and bounds now with the Upvc trims going on yesterday to hide all the gaps between building and the roof.  The spaces are backed with wood and infilled with insulation to make a cosy, secure and Building Regs approved space.

The steel supporting columns are being bricked around so that the roof will look like it is supported with brick columns instead of the steel uprights.  Much more aesthetically pleasing and it will match the house better once we repaint early next Summer.  We are going to be three or four shades of grey instead of the more usual 50 ;-)

Thank goodness for the Christmas decorations inside the house, sometimes you need a little oasis of cosy, calm to keep your spirits up.

Sue xx


  1. The conservatory will be amazing when it's done, can't wait to see it. I watch the cleaning programme, they are all totally nuts, just going over and over the same thing, I like a nice clean house and have a simple routine and just keep on top of it, the people who they are helping usually have some emotional issues, I can understand sort of understand it but it just gets out of hand, but then some of them are just lazy. People - such strange creatures .

  2. Hi Sue. I've got to exactly the same stage where I'm mainly letting go of things I like but don't need or use. Giving them away gives them a new lease of life whether they go to friends, family or a charity shop. Happy belated anniversary to you both xo

  3. Didn't see the programme. My baubles get any dust blown off them before they go on the tree, and that is that! Not quite understanding your conservatory…is it the original, but with a bigger roof?

    1. It's the same conservatory but with a proper roof instead of a poly-carbonate one. As the weight of the new roof is too much to be able to rest on the original it is supported entirely by steel uprights and a main joist.

  4. Happy Anniversary for yesterday! Roof coming along nicely, can understand the outside now, love the idea of the bricks. Just the inside ceiling to do but you are probably already warmer now.

  5. Happy anniversary. I too had the decorations up yesterday so that Management came home to a tidy and twinkly house :}

    Those pillars are going to look great - I would already be planning trellis around them and clematis!

  6. Our decorations will be going up this Sunday. I like to have them up for my birthday which is next week. Great idea to brick round the supports, consider that idea stolen:) Happy anniversary too.

    Jean x

  7. Your emma Bridgewater jug is very sweet. I hope you don't give too much away.


  8. That pitcher is lovely. I look for one every year for my daughter who collects unique pitchers.

  9. Bleaching baubles! blimey mine get a quick blow before & after. Happy anniversary & the conservatory will look great when it is all finished.

  10. Happy Anniversary for yesterday x The little giveaway jug is lovely, someone else is sure to love it. As for bleaching baubles...blimey...that's a step too far IMHO. We no longer put up a Christmas tree as we have so little room now to store things in but I do like a bit of Chrissy bling. Some lights in the window and some Christmassy ornaments which get dusted before being put in the drawer under the bed on New Year's Eve (not 12th night. I like to start the new year fresh and clean)

  11. what a lovely jug.
    I love love love it.
    Happy Anniversary!

  12. I saw the programme and in 45 years of marriage I confess - gulp... - into never dusting decorations either before or after they come off the tree! They go back in boxes and then all in big box - never thought of them gathering dust whilst they are displayed - oh well...

  13. Conservatory roof looking really great. Glad that things are all toastie pie warm again,congrats on your Wedding Anniversary as well, bet your husband loveled coming home to such a warm welcome. :o). I watched the programme as well and wasnt impressed with the woman who throws away her kids Christmas cards as so they dont clutter up her shelves. The thing that does make me wonder tho,the way they throw bleach and antibac sprays etc around cant be doing their families respiratory systems much good, they must be breathing in a lot of chemicals. Reckon they'd be better off throwing open a window or two!

  14. Oh Gosh .. Oh Golly ... I am such a slattern .... I must confess I have never washed .. or dusted.. a bauble..!
    Thank goodness we have no TV ... I'd be giving myself 'issues' watching stuff like that ..haha..
    Roof an all is looking good .... glad you are getting sorted ready for when our cold cold Welsh winter sets in.

    Vicky x

  15. I have to say those "extreme" programmes aren't for me. I never dust my baubles either - the thought has never occurred to me. I can't quite understand giving away things you like and find aesthetically pleasing. I think "stuff" reflects your personality and for me, I get great pleasure from my bits of old (and sometimes collectable) china and other "stuff"- they make me happy, but that's just me - magpie by nature!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I'm with the others who have never dusted or washed a Christmas ornament - they are only up for 2 weeks and I don't eat them.

  17. Me too, didn't occur to me to clean baubles. We've got most of the new floor down in the extension now, so I'm hoping to get a tree sometime very soon

    Show us your baubles Sue!

  18. Ps, I've been sorting through things and getting rid of stuff too. I have just bitten the bullet and got rid of a lovely leather jacket that I bought on holiday in Spain many many years ago. Most of the time it's been too small for me, so consequently I've never really worn it, so I couldn't possibly get rid of it, one day I'll fit into it. Finally realised that even if I did fit into it, I wouldn't want to wear that style anymore anyway. So off it goes.

    Lots of other stuff too. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate that doesn't gets used isn't it, and amazing how little we miss it if we can muster the oomph to let it go

  19. I have never ever cleaned a Christmas bauble, nor am I likely to!! :) I do love watching the extreme cleaning programmes though, because when I look at the messy houses I realise that my wee house is actually fairly clean and tidy!! LOL!


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