Sunday 28 December 2014

Review of the Year - Part Two

Looking back over the year I see the big thing for me in April was Live Below the Line.  Living on one pound a day for five days to highlight the terrible food poverty in this country and so many others.  It's scary to think that food poverty in the UK is rising so fast.  

Together we managed to raise the brilliant sum of £420 for my chosen charity, which this year was Send a Cow.  Sending cows donated by British farmers overseas to places where they can make a real difference and allow people to feed themselves, their families and then spread the good fortune of their gift to others in the form of the first female calf that is born to their cow.

One of my May posts was this about making Damson Gin and Damson Gin Jam, and it's highly appropriate that I choose this picture and link, because this morning for breakfast we had some of the jam on our toast .... and lurking deep in the back of the cupboard is the last of these bottles.  Waiting to be broken open and mixed with some Champagne to see in the New Year.

I'm enjoying this look back over the year (and I hope you are too), so much so that I find myself reading through all the posts as I decide which to choose as my 'picture and post of the month' , it's a time consuming but thoroughly enjoyable way to while away an hour.

  This one about our lovely chicken called Amber simply had to be the one for June.  I miss this lovely little lady, although one of the Skylines has almost taken her place as the one to come to the house and remind me if I am late with the corn.  It seems my flock of lovely ladies elects a spokesperson to keep me under control!!

Back tomorrow with more.

Se xx


  1. Enjoying the series (and your year!)

  2. What a good idea! Amber really was a love wasn't she x

  3. It's amazing how many changes take place in a year isn't?


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