Monday 22 December 2014

It's Done Enough ......

It's done enough .... to use!!

The conservatory is done, decorated re-wired and cleaned up.  There are just some finishing touches that we simply couldn't get done in time for a big Christmas 'Ta Da', but we are extremely happy with how it has all turned out.

We spent yesterday washing done windows, frames and putting up the blinds.  The table was reassembled and put back in place.  Hopefully in a week or so the worktop will arrive that will match the solid ones in the kitchen, this will be cut to size and used to top the window sills which will then form a nice oak window seat that will wrap around two sides of the table, meaning that we will have no need of separate chairs.  The off cuts will be used to make two or three shelves on the left hand wall.

We want the space to look clean, crisp and as minimal as possible,  The rich tones of the wood will stop it from looking stark and cold.

The new up-lighters are in position throwing a subdued glow over the interesting slant in the back wall.

For now the freezer is back in it's former position and will continue to be there until the garages and workshop are built in Spring of next year when it will move outside leaving the space free for us to put our older sofa into, which will then be a luxury comfy doggie bed when draped with their blankets or pulled back into use for us if we need a 'party room'.

The largest dog bed is back in the corner and since this photo was taken has been made into 'home' by Charley adding her toys and favourite blanket.  The two 'bread' bins on the window sill still contain doggie treats and food.

Here we are this morning in daylight.

The lights hanging lowish over the table to give us a nice cosy space to eat in and it's a good job I came into the room when I did while the electrician was here ... he was about to cut the wires to make them normal height ceiling lights ... ooops,  I would not have been a happy bunny to come into the room and see them there!!  

We are really happy with the outcome of this month long renovation project, (although very thankful that it is all over) and today will be spent washing the curtains that divide the conservatory from the kitchen and cleaning up the kitchen.  This fine layer of builders plaster dust will be nor more after today.

At last we have our home back to ourselves ... our new improved home that is, and already with driving rain and gale force winds we have had over the last week we are noticing the difference both in terms of warmth and soundproofing.

And we would like to say a Massive THANK YOU to our builders Aberconwy Building and Roofing Services for a job done with expertise and careful attention to detail.  Steve, Mark and all the guys that have had input into the work have done a sterling job.

Advent Challenge - Day 22

Jamie Christmas Magazine.  Lovely Hubby bought this for me a few weeks back, I'll keep the free calender that came with it and pass the magazine on for someone else to read.

Sue xx


  1. What a lovely room! Crisp, fresh and yet cosy! Now ENJOY! xxx

  2. Love the white and the pendant lights, Sue. Enjoy this space xo

  3. It looks so lovely, clean and fresh. I like that you have a bench instead of chairs. I did try that with the Mr, but he wanted chairs... I like the mixture of the pendants and the up lighters. I think people forget lighting and its effect.

    Your going to have a lovely Christmas meal sat there.


  4. That is looking really nice and your freezer fits in well for now. No sign of a hint of your usual green, will that come sometime?

    1. The wall with the up-lighters will be papered once the freezer moves out .... green will appear in the paper ;-)

  5. Looking really lovely. Have a great Christmas.

  6. I like how it is light, bright and airy looking, but also cozy. You will love it!

  7. It looks smashing, wish they were near enough to do stuff for us!

  8. Sue, I'm so excited that you have the addition all finished and that Charlie feels right at home there in the doggie bed! I love how light it is, with all the windows. You have done a great job, and aren't you amazed that it has all come together and finished!

  9. The room is positively sparkling now. Gorgeous lamps btw.
    Have a smashing Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.


  10. Well persevered, and well worth it. I think sitting at that table with a mug of tea and your view will be a great pleasure regardless of the weather outside x

  11. Oh wow - I've followed the progress over the last month and the results looks wonderful. Comfortable yet homely. xxx


  12. Looks wonderful and how amazing it was all done in a month. It looks like you had a fantastic team off builders I wonder if they fancy a job in Suffolk.

  13. It is a beautiful space. Would a Christmas tree fit? You have very nice taste. Cheryl

  14. Looks really great (I'm well jell). I'm sure you will enjoy using it as it looks so cosy and welcoming! :)

  15. It looks really good. Have a great Christmas and New Year xx

  16. Well done, it looks fantastic.

  17. It looks like a wonderful space. x

  18. How lovely it all looks, so clean and fresh and bright, and done so QUICKLY too. You must be very pleased

  19. It looks lovely! I love the pendant lights too :)


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