Saturday 20 December 2014

Cuteness Overload

I know you would much rather see pictures of  the continuing conservatory transformation (yeah right !!)  but today I couldn't resist sharing this lovely photo I got the other day of Ginger, Mavis and Charley tucked in together ready for a snooze on our bed.

I had gone to investigate when it had gone all quiet while I was on the computer in the office, it usually means trouble if it goes quiet!!

Rosy was asleep on the sofa, Suky had been at my feet, until I so rudely disturbed her by getting up and this lovely trio were keeping cosy on the bed.  Seconds after this picture was taken they settled down again and snoozed an hour away.

Makes a change a bit of peace and quiet in this house at the moment.

I'll be back tomorrow with the latest shots of the conservatory.  It's almost finished, yes the end is in sight .... thank goodness ... I hear you all cry!!

Advent Challenge - Day 20

A teach yourself Italian course.  I'm useless at languages, I will try to learn some Welsh one day but the rest have defeated me.  It's gone to the charity shop where it will hopefully raise some funds.

Sue xx


  1. I love your little furry family x

  2. Gorgeous photo. It looks like they are saying " oh no, mums caught us, lets give her the cute look so we can stay and snuggle up" lol x

  3. Aaaaaaaaw,bless their little furry feet!
    Jane x

  4. Sue, I share you frustration with learning languages. I'm beginning to pick up more and more of the Spanish here in Texas, but I can't seem to get my brain in gear for that to be fluent. Love the three animals, and can't believe the cat is right there with the dogs!

  5. The cutest critters in all of Wales.


  6. So gorgeous! Love the way the dogs have their legs entangled!

  7. Awwww! They're sharing the Christmas spirit! Happy Christmas to you two, and the menagerie.

  8. Just started reading hour-long from the beginning - currently mid-2010 so away to go! It's like reading a lovely book :-)

    1. Thanks kindle, that should read 'your blog', not 'hour-long'!

  9. What a lovely cheering happy photograph!


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