Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Grand Day Out

On Friday I packed my bag, left the builders in charge of the house, jumped in the car, deposited all the dogs in the kennels on the way past and hit the road to Berkshire.  After a detour for a coffee and chat with Mum in Manchester, I once again hopped onto the motorway and headed towards my Lovely Hubby's weekday digs in Thatcham.

It was a weekend of eating out, and then on Saturday drinking Mulled Wine from vendors and exploring the lovely city of Winchester.

The Christmas market was in full swing, with ice skaters whizzing (and in some cases staggering) round the ice ... we didn't join them the tickets were all sold out (phew), but we watched and admired.

The cathedral is beautiful, under restoration in parts but truly magnificent.

The Christmas stalls were fitted into all nooks crannies and alley ways, making the place seem alive with interest.

I loved this little door tucked under an archway .....

... and this lamp high on the wall.

The place was bustling, but everyone was in the Christmassy mood so it didn't seem too bad, and of course with the sunshine shining brightly it lifted everyone's spirits.

We paid to go into the cathedral, and deep in the original crypt was this Antony Gormley figure,  ankle deep in water reading his bible.

And I had no idea that the writer Jane Austin was buried there!

After lighting a candle for Jessie and Dad we left the cathedral and went to visit the shops along the main High Street.

This wonderful 'statue' man was brilliant and gathered quite a lot of folk waiting for his next move.

Wanting a photo for the blog I thought it only fair to deposit something in his little pot.

Lovely Hubby obliged ... and got a heartfelt bow as thanks.

We had a wonderful weekend, it was just what was needed after all the busyness at work and building work at home.  Now it's only a few days until Lovely Hubby is home for his Christmas holidays and we can relax and cosy up at home.  I can't wait ... it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

Advent Challenge - Day 16

A pretty little tin that I just don't use anymore.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for posting photographs of Winchester. I used to live there, and left to move north to Lancashire in 1976. I've never been back to Winchester, but your photographs made me catch my breath as I saw sights that still feel so familiar. I really must make the effort to return. I know it's said that you should never go back, but I've returned to Driffield on numerous occasions and still love the place, even though I left there to move to Winchester in 1973.

  2. We lived in England for 10 years before moving back up to the north of Scotland. One of the things I miss most about England (apart from the weather obviously) is the architecture, especially the cathedrals and the old towns. I would love to do a tour of my 'want to visit most' cathedrals one day. Beautiful photos x

  3. I'm always fascinated with the mimes and how they can hold a position for so long. Some are really creative. Loved your photos of the cathedral, and good for you for getting some time out of the house.

  4. We lived near Winchester so used to visit there,the cathedral is fabulous I was really struck by the wood carving...beautiful!
    Jane x

  5. We love exploring Cathedral cities, they are fabulous buildings, I doubt they could be replicated these days! We like to eat lunch or afternoon tea in the refectory, they are usually delicious. The shopping area looks a lot like Chester.

    I hope your lovely hubby has a safe journey home for Christmas and you get plenty time for snuggles xx

  6. It must be really difficult with your hubby working so far from home, but needs must eh? Looks like you had a lovely weekend together! We love cathedral cities too!

  7. I too used to live near Winchester, it was my nearest 'shopping town' (in the days before internet shopping). A few quiet moments in the cathedral were an oasis in a busy life. I miss very little from 'down south' but I do occasionally pine for this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing :}


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