Tuesday 30 December 2014

Review of the Year - Part Four

October was the month that excavations for the holes that would hold the steel beams for the conservatory were dug.  Has it really been almost three months of having mud and upheaval outside the back door - yes it has!!

It was also the month that we had Mavis spayed and her crooked teeth sorted out, both have had a good effect on our littlest lady (yes, she is lighter than Charley).

It was also the month I gave you this tip .... put a conker on your windowsills to keep away unwanted spiders.  It really does work, this is the first year I have done this and we have hardly had any spiders in the house.  Just a copy of those delicate little almost see through ones that live in the corners of your room.  No big, horrible monsters to get my heart racing and my mouth swearing.

This was the month the work really started on the conservatory, the roof was removed, the kitchen boarded up and it was here there and everywhere for the dogs.  The linked to post told the tale well.  I hate disruption and the previous post had seen me stamping my feet and having a blog post hissy fit.

This one saw me doing what I do best,  simply making the best of it and organising things to minimise disruption and make life bearable again.  It worked I got myself back on track.

This was also the month I got totally fed up with making cups of tea!!

Through out this month I have no doubt been boring lots of you senseless with photos of the developing conservatory (hence me not putting another photo of it here).  It's driven me to distraction and back.  Now it is almost finished, there is just the bench tops to do and the tarmacking outside which is bookmarked for February, so no longer do I have to record for posterity the developing work.

December also sees us always opening our Sealed Pot, something I think is really worth doing.  Just get yourself a pot seal it up tightly (as you can see from the post linked to under the photo I had a real struggle to get into ours) and feed it with your dribs and drabs of change throughout the year, opening it on a date of your choosing.  I usually use ours for a Challenge in the New Year, something I will be doing again starting next week. :-)

It was also the month I came across P333 for the kitchen which will be the Challenge I take up when the Sealed Pot money runs out.  I'm planning this long and slow and not rushing into it at all.

*** *** *** *** ***

So overall it's been a reasonably good year.  

Better for us than some recent ones, we've lost no members of our human family, we've gained, lost  and then re-gained members of our furry family.  There has been some illness, a marriage breakdown, mental health worries and financial ones in the wider family, but nothing that between us with the help and understanding of family, friends and some medical expertise we couldn't pull through.

The most important thing is we are all facing the New Year with roofs over our heads, food in our cupboards and in relatively good health which is more than can be said for some folk.

Now it is time to plan the coming year.  It holds the fresh promise of things to come.  New plans to be made, new goals to achieve and more to be learnt.  The one thing that shines through everything is that with family around you, hope in your head and love in your heart it is possible to face head on whatever life throws at you ... and face it with the certainty that you will come out the other side and you will be stronger for it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year.  

May the coming year be what you want it to be, and may it treat you with all the respect and love that you have earned and deserve.

All the very Best.

From Sue & Lovely Hubby
 Rosy, Suky, Mavis, Charley, Ginger and Caldwell and his harem of 18 wives


  1. And a great 2015 to you and yours Sue! xxx

  2. Love to read your posts, always so newsy and fun. I'll haved to think about the sealed pot! Happy New Year to you as well, Amy.

  3. What a lovely post. Thank you for writing your blog I try to read every post but dont always have the time to make comments, sorry. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year xx

  4. A lovely positive post and outlook for next year. A very Happy 2015 to you and yours.

  5. Happy New Year to you all Sue. Love your blog and looking forward to reading more in the coming months x

  6. I've enjoyed your review of 2014!

    Happy New Year to you too Sue x

  7. Wishing you and all of yours a fabulous 2015. And a huge thank you for sharing 2014 with us all.

    X x

  8. I love all your posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I can look out your windows and see Wales, a country I would love to visit. I tell my furry family of the antics of yours. God bless you and yours for a wonderful 2015.

  9. I do love your posts and the look into your life in Wales. Since I'm sure I'll never visit there it's a great glimpse into that area of the world. I had a good 2014, my health is stable on my medications, and we've done a few little projects around our place. I'm hoping 2015 is even better although I'm starting out needing 2 root canals so hopefully that's not a sign of other things to come. Best to you , your family .

  10. Happy New Year to you and yours! I've so enjoyed your blog this year. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  11. Love to you and yours my lovely x

  12. Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for your regular blogging, and I have enjoyed your conservatory posts! Deb

  13. Lovely post, Sue & looking back on 2014! I didn't mind seeing all your photos of the conservatory renovations.

    All the very best for 2015 to you all.

  14. I've enjoyed the reviews. Have a very happy and healthy new year.. all of you!

  15. Happy New year to you and yours, I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year, keep up the great work, Rona

  16. If I don't get the chance
    Happy new year to you

  17. Happy New Year to you all. I've loved seeing bits of my childhood valley through your eyes. Looking forward to your adventures in 2015 - the Kitchen333 looks interesting.

  18. Loved reading about your exploits throughout the year :) Happy 2015.

  19. Sue, I so agree with your thoughts on family and for being grateful for simple comforts others don't have. Love to your human and furry family too! Claire xo


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