Saturday 13 December 2014

Having a Grate Day

Yesterday I had a grate day!!

I was sorting through the fridge to make room for any Christmassy foods I might be buying in the next week or so.  Checking dates and seeing exactly what we had, so I don't duplicate unnecessarily.

I found I had an large open pack of Cheddar and a pack of Red Leicester nearing it's date so I grated them in the food processor, first the Cheddar and then without washing it out the Red Leicester, I don't mind a bit of multi-coloured cheese in a tub and it tastes wonderful all mixed together.

I had Parmesan style cheese already grated in the freezer, but there was a pack in the fridge way past it's sell by date so I grated that using the same grating disc (I broke my Parmesan disc ages ago), and then to make it finer I simply took out the disc and put in the blade and whizzed it all up.  Adding it to the freezer box and giving it a good shake mixed the frozen and the freshly grated together nicely, and then it was popped back into the freezer, where it now sits waiting to be used whenever it is needed, as is all the grated cheese except for the little multi-coloured box which went on my sandwich for lunch :-)

If you think about it using your food processor for a mammoth grating session means you only have to wash it out the once instead of over and over again, and I'm all for that.  I'm the same if I make a big batch of crumble mix, I will use the food processor to knock up some pastry mix afterwards.  Doing like with like is always good in my book.

Advent Challenge - Day 13

A new picture frame, that was going to be a gift for someone, but then the moment passed.  It will still make a nice gift, it's just that now the charity shop will make a pound or so out of it too.

Sue xx


  1. I'm all for saving time and washing up.

  2. I've frozen cheese in a block before, but never grated. Does it all stick together in one big lump when frozen, or can you use just part of the container at a time?

    1. It doesn't stick together as long as you don't cram it too tightly in the box. Give the box a good shake after it has been in the freezer for an hour or so to separate the bits and then pip it straight back in.

      The beauty of doing it this way is that if you need a bit for a sandwich or something it thaws out in minutes while you butter the bread :-)

  3. That reminds me I should grate some cheese blocks for holiday lasagna...

  4. This is so useful for all th dose bits of cheeses we have left after Christmas.

  5. Sorry predictive text on phone. Ruddy annoying.

  6. I try my utmost to only buy cheese when it is RTC or on a good offer and tend to grate most of it and freeze straight away, I love it so it is a big temptation to have loads in the fridge.

  7. Good labour saving ideas...and a good way to rescue cheese near to it's end!

  8. I didn't realise you could freeze cheese like that, mind you cheese never lasts long enough to freeze in our house!


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