Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winners All Round

Well ..... we had a brilliant night on Friday, the wine flowed, the food was yummy and the company fantastic, and although a few of the younger members staff made extremely merry, they did it in the nicest friendliest way, but I would not have liked their heads on Saturday morning!! 
All in all a fantastic start to the Christmas season.  I've read in many Blogs about outrageous prices for many 'works' and 'staff' do's and think that for our £23.50 a head price tag we had a wonderful evening out.  With a massive charity raffle, lots of us came away with prizes, Lovely Hubby went up for one, and then me and then Lovely Hubby's number came up again so although he went up to draw the next ticket he gracefully declined what would have been our third prize of the night.  As it was we are very happy with our two lovely prizes, a very special start to our Christmas goodies.
And courtesy of Lovely Hubby the number has been drawn for my own special 1000th post giveaway.  I was just about to log onto the Random Number generator thingy when LH walked past the office door and asked what I was up to, when I told him he asked how many comments there were, and when I said 32 he shouted out "Number 7", I asked if he had read the comments at all and he said no, so I am taking this to be fate and so the lucky winner courtesy of Lovely Hubby's manful choosing is Rebecca AND she has her very own Blog called Crivens Cottage of which I have just signed up to be her 32nd Follower.
So if you can get in touch Rebecca and send me your address (my email address is about halfway down the sidebar on the right) I will send you the prize.  What are you getting ......well I don't quite know myself yet, I will be trawling my little stash of goodies and choosing things that sum up our lives over the last 1000th posts and I hope you love them as much as I do.  Congratulations.
Now we are braving the minus temperatures to take the dogs for a w.a.l.k.i.e.s.... yes we have to spell it out although Rosy is now wising up to the spelling so that won't last long, we did for a while say "should we take the dogs for a perambulation", but she has now learnt that 'perambulation' and 'walk' are one and the same thing.  Ooooh sometimes it would be easier to have a dafter dog!!
Whatever you're doing today try and keep warm and cosy, when we get back we will be switching in  the tele to take in some more cheesy Christmas films ......oooh I do love this time of year.  You really don't need to spend a fortune to get in the Christmas spirit, while other folks are already out there battling for goodies in the shops we are warm and cosy at home with steaming mugs of coffee a few homemade shortbread biscuits and good old Santa on the tele.  Life is good if you relax and let it be.
Sue xx


  1. Loved the look of the pies you made recently and I've decided to have a go. I could'nt find any deep pie tins like the ones you use so i've ordered some small individual ones from Lakeland. Once you have made the pies do you cook them before you freeze them and then reheat them once they have thawed out or do you freeze them with the pastry raw and cook them from scratch when you take them out the freezer to use. I really enjoy reading your blog xx

    1. I got my deep pie tins from Lakeland about two years ago.

      As for the pies I did cook these before I froze them as the oven was on for some bread, but they can be frozen uncooked just as well. They can be cooked from frozen or thawed out first, just adjust your cooking times accordingly, you'll know your own oven and how hot it is.

      Sue xx

  2. Sounds a lovely evening. The pub we are going to with all the shop volunteers is putting on a lovely Christmas menu- £15.95 two courses & £19.50 for three. I have a ten pound voucher to spend !

  3. we have dh's Christmas party in a couple of weeks time. Glad you had a good time, looking forward to the meal at ours.


  4. You are so right, Sue, life is good if you relax and let it be :) Glad you enjoyed your night out Cheers Judy xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely evening Sue and congrats on your goodies! I love the last line of your blog - very well said.

  6. I like that comment: "Life is good if you relax and let it be."

    Very wise!

  7. Glad you had a good evening, Sue.
    I have to say, your warm up to Christmas sounds very acceptable to me!
    Especially the homemade shortbread. Jx

  8. Glad you had a good time. It is true that life is good, just go with the flow. :)

  9. OH MY GOD!!!!! Just read that I am the winner and it is my first ever win in a competition aswell :) I completly understand what you mean about the festive feeling, we had a visit from my in-law and it was spent browsing a car boot, drinking tea, baking mince pies and family time at home with the fire alight and to us is exactly how christmas should be. Not chaotic frantic buying of stuff no one really needs. We have bought very few this year and only bought things that will be useful and needed.

    Please can you share your shortbread receipe, as it is the only thing I can not get right and we adore adrore adore shortbread and are yet to find a good receipe.


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