Wednesday 26 December 2012




You know I'm on a road to minimalism ......well I'm trying to get rid of all these wine bottles and before they can go into the recycling box they have to be emptied.
Ten down ..... six to go !!
Hic, Hic.
Sue xx


  1. I know the feeling!! I need to empty a few bottles too, OH does not drink much due to the medication he has to take, so its largely up to me to do the where did I put the alka seltzer???????

  2. You're such a committed recycler haha!
    Judy xx

  3. I like the jokes, very good, these another one "A balanced diet is a glass in each hand"

  4. I love your dedication to a great cause lol!


  5. If I lived closer you know I'd help you out!
    That's what friends are for.
    Jane x

  6. OMG the best recycling!! Enjoy the vino

  7. So I found your website googling around for insights to what I am thinking of doing...cuz...I am about to do the same thing out here in California. Get out or unplug from the Silicon Valley and merge on over into the country lifestyle. Time to understand the real "inconvenient truth" and apply it to me and my family personally.

    Americans are all about convenience that we lose our value and connection to nature. Your blog is great and I will be reading and visiting it often. Looking forward to this change in 2013 and enjoying the simple life. <3

  8. LOL. Pass the wine. I like recycling too, I keep buying the wine bottles to recycle them.


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