Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Happy Day

A very special picture sits on our bedroom windowsill, reminding us and every time we open the curtains on a fresh new day and close them on a day safely lived, that we chose to be together forever and our most beloved people in the whole wide world were there to see us make our vows.

Our wedding was not big and swanky, there were no posh frocks or organ music there was no crowd of family and friends to wish us well and pile gifts upon us.  We had everything we wanted in each other and we decided that only our parents were needed to complete the day. We didn't want to pull strangers off the street to act as witnesses,  we wanted the signatures on our Marriage Certificate to be those of the people that had loved us for every minute of our lives.

Our parents, my Mum and Dad and Lovely Hubby's Mum had met each other for the first time only a couple of days previously.  When we asked them to meet us for morning coffee at the hotel Mum and Dad were staying in and Lovely Hubby dropped to one knee and proposed they thought they were there to witness a wonderful moment in our lives, but then we told them to finish off their coffee as the best was yet to come, they had to come over the road with us to witmess our wedding.

Tears flowed from the Mums, Dad sat dazed and grinning and then suddenly sprang into action and put new batteries and film into his video camera, he wanted lasting proof of this surprise.  It was lovely that he did this as the day went by in a flash and now we can sit and watch it over and over.  It was a wonderful marriage service, the Registrar was in on our parental surprise and loved the expressions on their faces, she let them sit through the entire service as their shocked legs would have been too wobbly to sustain any prolonged standing.

The Registrar took the photo at the top of this post after the service when the shocked faces were settling into happy grins, that we were all in shades of blue was completely coincidental but looks lovely in the photos.

As we stepped out into the lovely December sunshine the volunteers from one of the shops I managed snapped away with their cameras and covered us with confetti, and the grins turned into the happiest of smiles.

We had a meal booked at the local pub with champagne and cake to follow, the Mum's got bunches of flowers and then the day drew to an end with Lovely Hubby taking Mum and Dad home to Manchester and his Mum to Salford (in Manchester) as she was on her way to stay with her friend when she had stopped for a few nights at our house.  This was the whole reason the wedding was planned for this day.  The only time we could get them all in one place without too much suspicion.

The plan worked well.  They all got a wonderful surprise and I got the best present I have ever had.

Happy 5th Anniversary Alan, I love you to bits, I always did and I always will. 
You are my everything.

Sue xx


  1. O many congatulations to you both..you are the nicest couple and compliment each other..
    lots of love,best wishes to you both

  2. Ah! Bless, is the only comment I can make to that surprise, how wonderful. Happy Anniversary.

  3. Congratulations, I hope you have a wonderful day and many happy years to come.


  4. Aww congratulations! We nearly got married at the same time - our 5th is this Friday.

  5. Congratulations to both of you!
    A happy marriage is an amazing blessing...may you always be so blessed.
    Jane xxx

  6. Congratulations. That was a very sweet post.

  7. That's a lovely post. Congraulations and enjoy your day xxx

  8. Congratulations! What a great post!

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both! What an amazing post! Not having a good day, but you have sure brightened it up completely!!! Love to you both on your special day. Kindest regards Heather

  10. Aw congrats! I met the love of my life five and a half years ago, must have been a good year x

  11. A very Happy Anniversary to both of you.
    What a lovely story.

  12. That's a gorgeous story - congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Wishing you many more,


  13. Happy Anniversary to you both. What an amazing 5 years it has been, I look forward to reading your blog for many more years and anniversaries!

  14. Happy anniversary to you both. What a beautiful wedding story.

  15. Happy anniversary to you both. I enjoyed reading about your wedding day, it was a lovely day. Judy xx

  16. What a beautiful post!

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both!


  17. How sweet, what a lovely post. Wishing you all the best and many more years together.

    Julie Q

  18. I loved this post - congratulations (belated) and may you both have many many years happily together. Joy


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