Sunday 16 December 2012

It's all going so well........

It's all going so well, and the best bit is how I feel in my head and heart every time I open my wardrobe.
Not that it's empty like this now!!
The first job after giving the wardrobes and my drawer a good wipe out and a polish with lavender scented polish, nice scent for me off putting for moths, was to put my chosen shoes back in on the floor of the wardrobe. 
Just three pairs,two pair of Hotter shoes, a reasonably smart pair (this is their third Winter) and a trainer style pair bought at the end of this Summer, AND my beloved boots, I will wear and wear these until they fall apart, so comfy, so practical and already over four years old.  If they survive this three months of wearing  they will be lovingly polished and put away until next Autumn, if they don't I won't be surprised.  They were a bargain from EBay just before we started this new life in the country bought in readiness for a country lifestyle, I think they cost me about £4 or something similar.  Sorry they need a good polish at the moment LH does this for me whenever he cleans his work shoes (he gets a bit cross with me as I tend to just wipe them with a damp cloth and then spritz them with a bit of Pledge he does the full works with boot polish left to soak in and then lots of elbow grease), you've got to love a man that polishes your boots.
Hanging above them my parka style M&S coat with hood, bought this year, my body warmer bought in Spring but hardly worn and my lovely cosy fleece lined wool cardigan with hood.  I can't usually wear wool as I am terribly allergic to it, so to find a woolly pulley with a fleece lining made me so very happy.  Bought in the TU 25% off sale a couple of weeks ago.
Also in this side are the trousers I have chosen for this first chilly three months, two pairs of blue jeans (I live in jeans) one pair TU and one pair M&S, a pair of Next brown cords and a smart pair of Laura Ashley green trousers.
This drawer was cleaned out polished  .....
... and then filled with my working clothes (for mucking out the chickens and gardening) and my gym clothes for those all too infrequent workouts with Davina.  These do not have to be counted in the 333 as long as I do not wear them out in public (as if!!).
In my other section of wardrobe (LH has all the central double section and the shelf above one of mine, and I have the two ends with one shelf above and the centre drawer) hang the rest of my choice.  A mix of shirts, jumpers, t shirts and cardigans.  On the floor of the wardrobe are the chunkier woollies.
On the shelf above are my accessories of choice, three scarves, two silky and one warm and cosy, a pair of gloves and my favourite bag of the moment.
Not included in the number are the jewellery items I wear on a daily basis, my wedding, engagement and little finger rings (which never ever come off), stud earrings, gold necklace, watch and bracelet.  They only leave me when I am working ...
... when they're not on me they are on Edward, my jewellery bear, and also my underwear including some vest style tops that I wear under shirts or jumpers on the colder days.
Although I've listed where some of my clothes have come from they are not all from the 'shops' actually named, many of my items have been bought over time from charity shops and this is they way I will continue to shop..  Not that I will have to shop for a long time, all the things that didn't make the wardrobes this time were sorted through carefully and some pulled out for immediate donation to charity or to go into the car boot box for Spring and the rest packed away for sorting through at the end of this first 3 months to form the basis of my next Project 333 which will begin on the 1st April.
Then some of the jumpers will be relegated to 'workwear' and some of the t shirts to 'gymwear' and be replaced with new items from my 'stash'.  Lighter weight shoes will be chosen (depending on the weather of course) and different accessories if needed. 
 Hopefully I intend NOT to buy ANY new clothes or shoes this year. 
Now there's a challenge!!
I have photographed each and every item that I have chosen and want to see how many outfits I can actually make up from the chosen few things, it should be very interesting.  In a way I treated it like packing for a long holiday and tried to chose clothes that would look good in many combinations, I will soon find out how successful I have been.
Opening my wardrobe now is a pleasure and putting away clean clothes after washing them will be a breeze, no more standing choosing what to wear out of the crammed interior and struggling to put away clean clothes on top of things that haven't seen the light of day for ages.
I think am going to like this.
Sue xx


  1. Very impressed Sue.. I'm thinking I might get a few more plastic crates and have more in store. My wardrobe is cramped too, and very difficult to work with.

    Given where we live, my boots are rarely clean. This infuriates Other Half. So I leave them out (next to his shoes) and he seems to get the hint..

    1. My end plan is to have very little 'in store' just a few different seasonal things (heavy jumpers for Winter, light tops for Summer, swimwear for holidays etc) everything else will be sold off at car boot sales early next Spring.

      No plastic crates at all for me just our one large suitcase full of out of season stuff for both of us.

      I do try very hard to keep my boots clean when LH has just polished them. That's why I love my wellies they are NEVER clean!!

      Sue xx

  2. Great job Sue, you have me inspired now!

    I love the neatness...


    1. So do I, I keep having a peek in the wardrobe.

      It is contagious though I'm looking at my cluttered kitchen cupboards and plans are being made!!

      Sue xx

  3. I would really like to try this but have come unstuck a bit and need your help.

    I need 15 items for school. I wear a different outfit each day. I can mix and match a bit but 15 would be my minimum.

    I need gloves, scarf and hat.

    I need coat (which I wear for school, it's not exactly smart, but I get in so early, most parents don't see me in it) and a raincoat.

    So that's 20.

    School shoes, walking boots, trainers and smart boots.

    So that's 24.

    I could live with 3 pairs of tights for my school week.

    So that's 27.

    So that leaves me with 6 weekend/casual items.

    1 hoodie

    1 fleece

    1 tracksuit bottoms

    1 jeans

    2 long sleeved tops.

    And that's my 33! B*gger school wear, it's making this challenge difficult!


    Sft x

    1. Socks, I don't have any socks on the list....and I need warmer socks for winter,

      And would really like to hang onto my dressing gown too.

      Maybe I need to look at the school stuff first?

      If I didn't work this would be a doddle!

      Sft x

    2. Good list, but you don't have to count socks and tights, they would come under the heading 'underwear' and this is totally outside the 33 items, as is nightwear (including your dressing gown).

      You don't have to stick rigidly to the list if you don't want to (as Courtney says "I won't be coming and rummaging through your wardrobe, checking up on you"). A lot of folk start with around 50 items if they need a 'working away from home' wardrobe. Maybe you could do this at first and see if it's workable.

      Don't stress over it, it's supposed to relieve stress making choosing what to wear easier.

      Choose your outfits for work from matching or co-ordinating clothes that you can mix and match and make as many outfits as possible from.

      Good luck.

      Sue xx

  4. Thanks Sue. I can totally see how it would elevate stress in the long run. And in my heart of heart I do want to live more simply. It certainly appeals to me. That's what really appeals.

    I think I will start with 50. If I come under that's great and in those 50 I will see what is necessary.

    Good news about the socks, tights and dressing gown. Phew!

    I think I will blog about it on Wednesday.

    Thanks for your help.

    Sft x

    1. Haha...I look forward to reading all about it.

      Sue xx

  5. Your wardrobe looks so neat and tidy!
    Nearly all my clothes have come the way of a charity shop, in fact I could probably name where each piece came from, is that a bit sad?!
    Lisa x

    1. No not sad at all, very frugal and charitable all at the same time. I love to get a good bargain at the charity shops, in fact that's the only downside to this I won't be shopping at them as much in future as I will be living more and more minimally (is that a word?) but they will always be my first port of call.

      Sue xx

  6. I really, really need to do this, as you can't move in my closet and most of it doesn't fit!!


    1. Just go for it.

      It's hard to give things away at first as somewhere in the back of your mind is a little voice saying "you paid for this you MUST keep it", but when you stop and think WHY must you keep it, if it's not being worn and simply taking up space just get rid, the charity shops will be so grateful for donations and someone that really needs it may be able to make better use of it than us.

      The best thing about this process has been the lightening of my mind by getting rid of some things that HAD cost me a lot but were never worn. Now they are GONE, sold on EBay!!

      Sue xx

  7. Your wardrobe looks great! I am much happier with mine as well, I even went so far as to iron everything (I usually just iron as I need it!) - shock, horror! Must have rubbed off on hubs as he tidied (didn't get rid of anything though!) his half of the wardrobe as well.
    Judy xx

    1. Not a sngle thing that I have kept really needs ironing....BONUS!!

      It's rubbed off on LH too he's planning his yearly overhaul over the Christmas break.

      Sue xx

  8. Your wardrobe looks great. Now I just need to get started on mine.


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