Wednesday 19 December 2012

A Life in Pictures


Much Loved Son
Cuddled Boyfriend
Proudest Husband
Loving Father
Proud Dad
Even Prouder Grandad
Even better as a Great Grandad
Surprised Guest
Knowledgeable Gardener
Father in Law, Grandad, Husband, Dad
The Proudest Grandad Ever
All in one photo, Husband, Grandad, Great Grandad, Dad
Husband, Brother and Brother in Law
Twinkly Eyed, Fun Filled, Fantastic Guy.
One man touched so many peoples lives during his.  He left a legacy of love with new generations and more to come.
I'm blessed to have had such a wonderful Dad and I thank God for each and every minute that we shared whether it was together or apart, our bond was so strong.
I thank you for your love, the warmness of your cuddles, the strength of your arms, the ever present hankie when I needed it most, the wisdom of your words, yes I know I hardly listened but you embedded them in my head and in my heart and they help me still.
I thank you for the rigid backbone you gave to my life and the legacy that keeps me strong today and every day that I must go on without you.
The most wonderful gift that you gave me is the knowledge that yes, I did make you proud. 
You loved the tall, headstrong, opinionated daughter that exasperated you at times, the girl who went forward and did it her way.   You lay the foundations for my life building the structure for a secure future carefully brick by brick and then bravely let me go, to forge ahead on my own through the open doorway into a future you had no control over, but one that you hoped in your heart you had prepared me for.  You rejoiced with me when it went right and comiserated with me when it went tits up and smiled when I went and did it all over again.  You took my hand when I needed it most and lent me your shoulder to lean against and your ears to listen. 
You did your job well, you lived your life well, you loved us all well.
What more can a man ask than to love and be loved for who he is.
I love you Dad.
Happy Birthday Dad
Syd Shaw
19th December 1930 - 26th March 2012
Sue xx


  1. Beautiful Sue
    Love you so much
    From a very lucky Mum XXXXXXX

    1. Enjoy today Mum, Dad will be with you every step of the way.

      Sue xx

      (Mum is very bravely going to the Christmas Dance that she and Dad went to every year as some of their dear friends are leaving the dancing club. So proud of her today...and every day.)

  2. all I ever tried to do was make my dad proud and he never ever said it, not even once. About 10 years after he died I thought it was probably time to stop trying.
    I've never covetted anything that other people have or been jealous of things out of my reach but I have to confess I feel a tad envious of your bond with your dad, although I now appreciate that our lives are what makes us what we are and I'm happy with what I am.
    Ooohhhhh, I hadn't thought about that for ages!
    Thanks Sue, and thanks Syd- obiously a great man to have made such a lovely daughter!

    1. Thanks Elaine.

      Have you ever thought by his not telling you (even if perhaps he felt it more than you ever knew) he made you stronger and more self reliant.

      We all get a gift from our parents even if we sometimes don't recognise exactly what that gift is. Sometimes we find out what the gift was by pure chance.

      Take care
      Sue xx

  3. A very lovely post! And kudos to your Mum for being brave enough to go to the dance on her own!I never knew my real father, had a lousy stepfather but the most brilliant Mum who passed away four years ago last Monday age 95. I would love to find out something about my real father but have no way of doing so, although I have recently applied to the war memorial here in Australia to get a copy of his war records so I'm hoping fervently that this comes with a photo as I don't even have that.
    Happy birthday to your darling dad :)You obviously know how fortunate you are to have been so loved and it's great to read what you have written about him.
    Judy xx

  4. What a lovely post, you were so lucky to have a Dad like that. I never knew my father, he was killed in the war. My step father was a wonderful man, my time with him was so short. I think about him every day.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your dad. He was obviously very proud of his family, it shows in all those happy photos.

  6. Happy Birthday Sue's Dad - you were so clearly loved, your life must indeed have been blessed.
    Sue - the very fact that you write such a beautiful tribute to him is testament in itself to what a wonderful job he did - thank you so much for sharing it with us. (And well done to your Mum)

  7. As you said to my hubby,the nicest people have birthdays about now.
    Jane x

  8. What a lovely tribute to your dad. My dad died when I was 20 years old he has been gone longer than I knew him which always make me sad I think of him every day and how proud he would be of his Grandson(he was 18months old whn he passed away)

  9. Happy Birthday Syd. I know you are smiling down on your little girl, watching over her latest life adventure.

    His favourite post I remember well- as well as the red velvet suit, the photo of Syd in the leeks was my favourite.
    Your dad was made from the same mould as mine-and a very rare mould it is too. The finest examples of men-strong, so giving and always there.

    Cherish those beautiful memories.

    Sft x

  10. My dad died a good many years ago, and I still miss him too.
    Wonderful tribute Sue. Thinking about you and your Mum. Jx

  11. I lost my darling dad in July Sue and this will be our first Christmas without him. Loved your post - full of love and appreciation. xxx

  12. I've been thinking about my dad a lot recently. Yours sounds wonderful. Mine was too in his way.

  13. Beautiful post, brought both a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. This Christmas day will mark the 6th anniversary of my dad's passing, I will always miss him. By sharing your good times and memories of your beautiful dad, you have reminded me of all my good memories, a tribute to wonderful fathers everywhere. Thanks. xxx

  14. What a lovely post about your dad, and all the special roles in his life. I am sure he would be smiling down on you.

    Julie Q

  15. I agree a very loving tribute to your dad. He'll be looking down smiling as he reads your post.


  16. Lovely post about your Dad, Sue. His love for his family shines out of him in the photo's. 2nd Christmas since we lost my Dad and I miss him every day. Thinking of you all.
    Happy Birthday SYD!!!

  17. Such a beautiful tribute to your special Dad, Sue.



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