Saturday, 15 December 2012

No Words, Just Prayers

Sue xx


  1. This is just so sad..i cried last night thinking of all those little the adults who tried so bravely to stop it.
    My thoughts,love and prayers go out to all affected by this..

  2. I had but that afternoon watched by twin grandchildren come running out of school, I stood there tears welling up in my eyes, I can hardly bring myself to read the newspaper about it. What makes someone so wicked as to do something so evil...too my heart thoughts and prayers go out to all.

  3. They have been in my thoughts all day

  4. It is a terribly sad day, such a waste
    Judy xx

  5. All day the people in Newtown have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I know they will be there in the days to come. I also just pray the community will be able to recover from the shock and begin the healing process.


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