Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chickens and Snow

Early this morning we had a sudden flurry of snow, giant flakes that fell swiftly covering the patio within minutes, the frosty grass went white and all around was eerily white and yet pitch black.  The dogs refused to set foot outside and went straight back to bed, but before we knew it it was time to go and let the chickens and geese out of their houses.

Not that they were terribly impressed with the day.  Much jostling went on as the ones halfway down the ramp tried to get back in past the ones that had not seen this chilly new white world.

By this time though is had already started to melt and they reluctantly started about the business of the day.

The geese shouted out their discontent at this strange world before sitting themselves down and sulking.

Iris and Fern - click on the picture and you will see Poppy and Daisy a bit bigger, I have written their names under them.

Some of the birds stayed close to the house, keeping to the grass that was still warmer underfoot as it was near the warmth of the henhouse, it gets really warm in there overnight with all their bodyheat.

But no matter what weather I let them out to each morning I usually get a reward.  You'll never go without breakfast if you have chickens.

Chicken World at 7.30 this morning.

Sue xx


  1. You said the 'S' word! Hope you blushed!
    Jane xx

  2. My heart dropped when I saw the initial headline and thumbnail. When small, the bush/red bucket in the first image looks like a dead hen lying in the snow! Phew ;)

    Your hens all look lovely and they really seem to take the snow in stride. I especially like the shot of Poppy and Daisy...they're so pretty! And VERY envious of the eggs - I doubt we'll see anymore of our own until next year.

  3. Great video! My Chinese goose fix for the week. How that brings back memories. They do look in a strop though..

  4. SNOW!!! I am officially jealous!
    Janie x

  5. Oh, my! I just found your blog and LOVE IT. I'll be back.

    And I remember last year we had a huge week long ice storm and my 7 chickens didn't come out of the coop ONCE. They sat and looked at the opening and refused to come out. It was hilarious. They are such princesses sometimes...

  6. The top photo is so pretty. I don't get snow where I am.

  7. Hi sue..thansk for the pic the girls loved it..and can't believe how big they have got..and so much envy is coming off them right had snow and we got frost..not fair..
    Our chickens were laughable last year when we had was slowly slowly whats this white stuff..ooh i don't like it i'm off..watching them to try and tiptoe through it was so funny..


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