Friday 7 December 2012

Men in Orange

This is what was sat opposite me at the breakfast table at the crack of dawn this morning TWO men in orange. 

After the Blog post the other day when there were so many positive comments (and even emails) on Lovely Hubby's bright attire he is now convinced that my Blog readers are folk with impeccable taste and he loves his orange monstrosity even more!

But now he has a little friend also glad in this garish colour, meet Hamish McGonk the 2nd, the latest addition to our little family.  

He travelled here from deepest, darkest Elrig in Scotland and joined us yesterday after an amazing adventure by train and post van, resting up in our post box for a couple of hours after his tiring but exciting journey across the border and then he took up residence on the mantlepiece, safely away from cats and dogs that would love to make his acquaintance, but in the roughest of ways.  He's made a new friend already can you see Silver Cockerel whispering in his ear, bringing him up to date on the  residents and goings on in this madhouse ..... no wonder he looks so shocked!

If you would like to find out more about these adorable little pre-housetrained pets, that cost next to nothing to feed and clothe and stay exactly where you tell them to, the only thing they ask of you is a little love and the occasional friendly stroke visit Frugaldom, written by one of my lovely Blogging Buddies and learn all about them. 

McGonks also have their own developing website HERE and if that wasn't enough their very own Facebook page too SEE HERE.  I see world domination for Clan McGonk in the not too distant future.

Here's another link to todays' post for a brilliant frugal Shortbread, someone asked me for my recipe the other day and this is just the same, totally yummy and very cheap, (sorry I didn't get around to digging out mine).  The only drawback is it never lasts long in this house, I wonder why .....walks away whistling with hands in pockets and totally innocent look on her face!!

The lovely folk at Frugaldom are a few steps ahead of us, they already have they 'fixxy up' forever home, but the exciting thing is .....  insert drum roll here please .....we're off to view what could potentially be ours this weekend.... so much excitement in this house at the moment - who needs Santa!! 

(Okay I do but you get the drift!)

I've just found out that in development at the moment are Micro there's temptation for me!!  (Santa are you listening?)

Sue xx



    for your viewing LOVE MUM XXXXXXXXXX

  2. Two McGongs, or am I seing double?
    Best of luck with the house viewing!!!

  3. Men in Orange.....bringing sexy back. tee hee hee.

  4. Good luck with the viewing Sue. I do hope you find that it's what you want. Jx

  5. Oooh, hope all goes well with the viewing! Cheers Judy xx

  6. WHOA! Too much retina searing orange for the morning!
    Jane x

  7. Just found you from Two Men and a Farm.Great blog! We live in Illinois, on our own sustainable dairy, pork and beef farm and I thought we were cool until I saw that orange wrap. My hubbs needs one for sure.

  8. It was I who asked for the shortbread receipe and I am heading over now to check out my very own mcgonk. Sending you lots of lucky blessings for your viewing xx

  9. Cant wait to see and hear all about your forever home! Sounds mysterious but Im sure it wont be when you explain what youve found!! Very warm thoughts to you and your fsmily x

  10. Good luck with the viewing this w/end Sue, shall look forward to hearing all about a possible move and new home for Hamish then!!! Has he got time to unpack his bag?!!! All the best, Regards Heather

  11. Good luck with your home viewing. I like the orange :)


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