Tuesday 18 December 2012

I did it .... £2012 in 2012

Challenge Complete!!
At the start of this year I set out to try to make an additional £2012 in this year of 2012.
Using the means of Amazon selling, EBay selling and car boot sales all through the Summer, I brought extra cash into the house.  By cutting down on our weekly housekeeping bill and being penny pinching with my personal spends (okay so the odd treat crept in mostly books she says, hanging her head in shame ... lol .... as if!), I stopped cash leaving the house.
And the brilliant news is I managed it. 
In fact I beat it (but only just) I made a grand total of £2015.73.
Does happy little jiggy dance, just like this bunny!!
As my reward the rest of the year is a CHALLENGE FREE ZONE, well maybe just the odd coppers being dropped into the Sealed Pot, I can't let this go hungry.
Thanks for all the encouragement and if you want to see more about how I made the money month by month, visit the stand alone page (at the top of the Blog) entitled '£2012 in 2012'
Sue xx


  1. yay yay and more yay!
    I sold books and cds on Amazon and they equalled the amount I've spent on Amazon books and cd pressies for people, so I was pleased enough about that, but a whopping 2015 smackaroonies, thats amazing!

  2. well done, I need to do the same in this house...........great idea.


  3. That is bloody fantastic!! Well done!

  4. That's so awesome, congrats!
    Judy xx

  5. Outstanding stuff - well done you! xx

  6. Brilliant Sue! Well done!


    And so exciting and close.

    You must feel so proud of yourself and hubby.

    Sft x

  8. Well done! And I've really enjoyed reading about your life and appreciate the tips you have shared. Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year. x


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