Friday, 30 November 2012

Brrr, it's cold.....

Well I've braved the cold, the chickens and geese are running round in their little white world, well rather the chickens are .... I've discovered recently that when the ground is really cold the geese like to sit down and stay put, I guess it keeps their feet nice and warm and they have their very own little patch of thawed earth.
I had to kick through the ice on the buckets and take over some hot water from the house, but now they all have drinking water and lots of food, the houses are cleaned out and an extra layer of hay has been put in the Goose Hoose, the chickens get treated to a layer of newspaper on top of their usual bedding on very cold days, it really is an excellent insulator.
As you can see from the photo, the dogs are glad to be back in the house and are hogging the radiator as I type.  They have turned round since I took this photo and now seem to be cooking their noses, cuddled into each other in the most adorable way.  How can two dogs  who can sit here looking so angelic and gorgeous turn into crazed monsters that seemingly hate each other and are intent on murder and need a 'time out' at least once a day?  It's a good job I love this little pair of hooligans.

I picked up a couple of brilliant bargains yesterday whilst out on my travels.  
 I had gone back to our old haunting grounds to pick up some Layers Pellets and corn for the chooks, and while I was in Thame I decided to go to Superdrug to pick up a years supply of hair dye for myself and use the £2 I had available on my 'Beautycard' before destroying it, but they only had four packs left and I needed six (luckily they were on offer too so I was a very happy bunny) and they had an offer on whereby you got loads of points per pound, I think it was something like 12 for every pound spent, so my card is back in my purse and will be used again to make good use of the £6 I now have available to spend on it.  My best bargain of the day though was this book for just £2 from the local hospice charity shop,  I'll sit with a cup of coffee later and have a good read, I may even light the woodburner early and have a cosy afternoon.
This evening it's time to done the 'posh frock' and accompany Lovely Hubby to his works Christmas Party.  Good food, lots of wine and the 'posh frock', truly a treat to look forward to.
And talking of treats ..... I'm leaving the Givaway post (SEE HERE) open until Sunday evening so if you haven't had time to leave a comment yet pop over now - Good Luck.
Sue xx


  1. After YEARS of breaking ice out of water buckets and damaging my foot /ankle and sometimes the buckets as well, I FINALLY convinced my husband that electric water buckets did NOT use tons of electric...we got some last year, and guess who said this year that we had to go get MORE for the rest of the barn???Try them if you have them in the UK. VERY much worth it! Come in ALL sizes!

  2. Have a wonderful time at your Christmas 'do'. Betty

  3. Snow is a bit of an oddity in my part of the world, but we've had our first two nights of frost. Amazingly enough they are calling for temps to reach back up to 70F by Monday.

    We've been trying to schedule our baking for just before dark when the stove seems to help heat up the house.

    Enjoy the Christmas party!

  4. Keep warm and have a lovely evening, Sue. Jx

  5. hope you and LH had a lovely time

  6. Love the photo of your dogs! Gorgeous! Merry Christmas xxx

  7. Have a great time. We use shredded newspaper in our chook house- they love it.


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