Wednesday, 18 January 2012

One of the best frugal tools....

One of the best frugal tools (in my humble opinion), is a Plan.  Be it a lifestyle plan or a meal plan, and what better way to make good use of everything in your cupboards and freezers than to spend ten minutes going through them before you go shopping, and making up a menu plan for the week ahead, then you can go armed with a shopping list to buy only the things you need.

So when I saw this little beauty on this website, and saw that it gave permission to print it out and use it, I jumped at the chance (luckily it's also in my favourite colours!).  Simply open the link and then click on 'Weekly Meal Planning' in the left hand sidebar, and then halfway down the page is this menu planner for the week.

This has come at a very good time for both me and my Mum as we are both needing to plan ahead at the moment.  I am using up the cupboards and freezer stores ready for our move and Mum has had to change all their eating habits due to my Dad being very poorly at the moment.

This is my meal plan for this week, (which reminds me I must go out and pull up a couple of leeks for tonights soup).  If you click on it it will get bigger so you can read it a bit easier. I think Lovely Hubby appreciates it too as he can plan what to buy or take for his lunch knowing what will be on the table at teatime.  My mini challenge this week was to use up most of the foods in the smallest freezer, then I will defrost it and fill it each week until the move with the menu items chosen from the other two freezers until all the freezers are empty.

My two Blogs seems to be merging and overlapping with foodies things at the moment.  Feel free to visit either (or both). 

You may have noticed I've allowed some advertising on the Blog, hopefully with themes relating to the Blog, this is to try and justify the large amount of time I am spending at the computer each day Blogging and researching.  You can earn me some lovely money (I get a few pence per click) by clicking on the adverts, you don't have to buy anything just a click and a quick visit and then come back here!!  We'll see how it goes, I hope they don't annoy anyone too much!

Sue xx


  1. Now I am starting a new job and with having more apre time I am going to learn to cook and learn to cook frugaly sot his is just perfect. I have already printed some copies out :) thanks for this.

    I'd also be pleased to hear how the advertising goes. I have often thought about it before but was never too sure. x x x x

  2. I'm just checking out the advertising money making potential, I'll let you know how it goes.

    I tried it once before but it took me 3 months to make £2.83, so I didn't give up the day job!

    Sue xx

  3. I love a plan, and sometimes, I even keep to them - love Froogs xx

  4. The site you have linked to has some great tips on it.
    I have a plan too. But it doesn't always work out. My chart has a blank space beside every day for last minute alterations!

    blessings x

  5. plan, plan, plan so important.

    Great menu plan Sue.

    Sft x

  6. Thank you for sharing the planner, I've downloaded mine too. Much better than scribbling the week's meals on scraps of paper which then get lost!

  7. Love the menu planner - thanks for sharing - task for the day sorted x


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