Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Taking down and packing away.....

We spent yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations, helped by Suky the Pug, cleaning up the living room, and then we went on to finish packing up the books.  We dug up one of the Apple Trees and put it into a very large pot ready for the move, we're taking the heavy work steadily and slowly as Lovely Hubby has a bad back again.  The plant pot and trays etc in the polytunnel were all wiped down and neatly boxed up. It's looking very bare in there, but there are still spring onions, celery and radishes growing away.

It's hard work all this packing away.....a nap was needed half way through for some of us.

The tree was snipped down branch by branch and put on the fire last night, the house smelt gorgeous with the fresh aroma of pine, better than any artifical room freshener.

Now the shelves are starting to look bare.....

... and the stacks of boxes are starting to get tall.

  First thing this morning we had to take Suky to the vet for her second vaccination, on the way back we stopped at Warborough Village Stores for some milk and some Caster and Icing sugar, it's Lovely Hubby's birthday on Monday and it's traditional for the birthday person to take in cakes for everyone. Now this used to involve a trip to the supermarket and the purchasing of many boxes of Mr Kipling delicacies, but this year we're making four dozen Butterfly Cakes on Sunday ready for him to take in on Monday morning, nice home baking, thrifty, yummy and NOT involving a trip to the supermarket.

So although today is not a No Spend day it is a Low Spend Day

Today we have gale force winds, so we are confining our work to inside the house, after finishing this post I'm off upstairs to help LH take apart the large wardrobe in the spareroom that used to hold all my crafting goodies,. it's the only way we'll be able to get it out of the house!

Sue xx


  1. Hi sue..we took our christmas decorations down yesterday..girls helped out kinda..they all then legged it to watch a film and left me to it..
    Its very windy here today too..had to go to hospital for blood tests and booking in appointments..got told i was high risk..baby 7 and 43 are not good apparently..but thing is i feel fantastic and even have a small bump lol..i told the MW its attitude towards it all... i feel great and will be great all the way through..sorry for rambling..
    I love that your so organized in packing and as for the cake thing on birthdays i always wondered why the birthday person has to treat everyone else surely it should be the other way around...at least your making them and not buying..
    got to go and get school stuff sorted..ready for the return tomorrow.

  2. blowing an absolute hoolie here and rain sheeting sideways- Bruce and his companions are having a "duvet day" in their stables!
    Packing up is always a bit sad isn't it, good job you've got that little cutie to keep the smiles coming.

  3. We're trying to get the decorations down little by little, although we don't have two of your lovely little 'helpers'!!
    Mmmmm thinking of those lovely light butterfly cakes, sounds very yummy.

  4. Horrible weather here Sue!

    Congrats on not giving your supermarket your money.

    We're using T*sco vouchers for our food shopping this month. Not good I know.

    But we will be going to the butcher for Mr Sft's meat next month.

    Excellent packing too!

    You are doing a great job, and well done for saving money on those cakes. They'll taste far better than anything shop bought.

    Sft x

  5. We still have to take down all our Christmas stuff, but my arm is so sore.. :( Hoping to get the stuff down tomorrow! Good job on the no-spend day!

  6. It's wild and woolly here too!
    Suky looks so cute looking up at the tree...wonder what was going through that little pug mind?
    Sandie xx

  7. Your puppy is a doll baby!!


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