Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rain on the windscreen.......

Rain on the windscreen,
tears in my eyes
pain in my heart
from fears I despise.

Life is unfair
 and harder each day,
the pain knocks you sideways
 takes your breath right away.

But you take a deep breath
and plod gently on
looking for memories
where soon there will be none. 

Hold close to your heart
 those that you love,
wrap loved ones so cosy
in warm velvet gloves.

Murmur I love you
and hear the reply,
then wipe away gently
the tears from your eye.

Listen to tales
told from the heart
of times that were different
when you were apart.

Do what you can
and know what you know,
and turn away sadly
as tears start to flow.

Know what you have
 is still  yours for a while,
thank God for your fortune
and cry as you smile.

(Sue Hall 22/01/2012)

To my Mum and Dad - I Love You.

Sue xx


  1. thank you sue xxxxxxxx you have no idea how much I needed that today xxx blessing froogs xxx

  2. Hi,that is so beautifull,it brought a tear to my eye.Love Jill xx

  3. Dear Sue,

    I saw your post on FB so came over. I don't know what is going on really but it is obviously horribly painful, so I just wanted to be in touch really.

    I don't read and post as often as I should, but please know that I think and talk about you often - I am always mentioning little things about you to Mike, whenever we are having farm-y discussions. "My friend in Oxfordshire..." - even though we haven't met.

    So, I am sending you a prayer and a virtual hug - my friend.


  4. Dearest Sue,
    My thoughts are with you at this time. I also wanted to say each one of your words here resonates with me so much right now. With love and a virtual hug x Shaheen x

  5. Sue that is so beautiful..not sure whats happened..but now this my love and prayers are with you and alan

  6. That's so beautiful...

    Biggest Hugs to you and OH. Hope you are both ok?

    Sft x

  7. Dear Sue,
    Don't know what's happened, but just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and holding you in my thoughts and prayers tonight

  8. Hi

    That's a beautiful poem - Hope all is ok with you xx

  9. I too hope everything is okay with you all?

    Gill in Canada

  10. Hi Sue,
    That is a beautiful poem.. what a fantastic tribute to your parents.. I do hope you are all okay... hugs, Jill x

  11. hugs, cakes, xxs, prayers, whatever it takes

  12. Such lovely words, hope everything is okay.

  13. Such lovely words, I hope everything is okay.

  14. That brought a tear to my eye as I read - how powerful the written word is.

    Warmest wishes.

  15. This poem was written when I arrived home after a visit to my Mum and Dad's. The words just fell from my fingers as I typed them.

    My Dad was in the last couple of months of his life and on the weekend I visited was feeling very poorly. As I left he had gone back to bed, and as I went to kiss him goodbye, he was tucked up like a child with just his face visible above the covers, looking small and so vulnerable. I somehow managed to hold myself together until I left their house.

    But the drive home from Manchester to our house in Oxfordshire was a long wet one ... rain on the windscreen and tears rolling down my cheeks.


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