Friday, 13 January 2012

Clearing the decks......

It's been a funny old week, lots of clearing the decks, sorting and cleaning out the cupboards, really sort of a mammoth clearing out and packing session all tied up with a huge spring clean of the kitchen.  The idea behind this is that it should save time when we come to do the actual move if everything is already clean and tidy.  Just a wipe down of the cupboards as we empty them.

All the food that was on the worktop is now comfortably in the cupboards, ready for us to use as much as we can before we move.

The things that were in the cupboards are now all sorted,  excess items either put in the car boot sale box or packed away if we are keeping them, and we are getting rid of anything that we don't use, pretty ruthlessly.

The deep fat fryer is put away, this should be more useful when we move, much cheaper to use this than it is to warm the oven just for a few chips, we don't eat them that often so a few homemade chips is a real treat.

In it's place for now is my food mixer/processor/liquidiser, it's many component parts are now in the cupboard beneath the worktop much handier than it used to be.

All these cupboards now just hold our day to day pans, all things like pasta making machines, duplicate pans and griddles are packed away, we will put all these back to use after the move, in the meantime we will manage with the bare minimum.  

You may notice the dog bed has changed, Suky started off with a neat little shoe box, she is now twice the size so it was getting to be a tight fit, she let me know this by eating it !!  She now has Rosy's old, least favourite bed which she loves, although she loves to flip it over and lie underneath when she's in playful mode and I have to keep righting it when she wants a sleep.

Who a if !

I just have the cupboard under the sink to do now and as this is mostly full of cleaning things I will sort through them and get us a cleaning kit together to take with us on 3rd February, which is the day we get the keys and the place is officially ours.  Exciting stuff.

Off to clear a few more decks......

Sue xx


  1. Can't beat a good old clear out - its amazing what you accumulate over the years isn't it.

  2. Looking good , when is it you move Sue?

  3. I love a good clear out too. Your kitchen looks great :)

  4. An AGA!!!!

    Love it!
    Fab kitchen!xxx

  5. You are doing a tremendous job. And really making your future move run smoothly.

    I bet your both really excited now!

    Sft x


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