Thursday 19 January 2012

Buying and Selling......

Buying and selling....or should that be selling and buying?

On Tuesday while sorting through the cupboards and packing merrily away I found these, a big box of Mail Lite envelopes and I immediately thought of using them rather than moving house with them.  So I started to think of all the obvious things that would fit in them.....

... after watching this dvd over the weekend (although good....not worth keeping to watch again) with a very apt title,  I went rummaging through the car boot sale boxes that I am quickly building up during this mammoth sorting out session and pulled out all the dvds, this one included.

So this little stack was quickly listed on Amazon, I have sold two up to now, so more pennies in my purse and less clutter to move with already.

However, while I was in town I did get tempted by some too good to miss bargains.  A couple of cook books, half price in the charity shop, you really can't grumble at 50p each, some hankies for Lovely Hubby, he prefers real ones, more environmentally friendly than tissues, and a lovely brand new pure linen top still with it's labels for me for just £5.50, it was £18 originally and it's lovely so I splurged using my personal spends for all these purchases.

After the charity shop it was just next door to the health food shop for some Oatbran and Flax seeds, then I had to nip into Superdrug for some shampoo we both use Head and Shoulders, well whichever copy of it is cheapest in whatever shop we are in at the time.

This always get decanted into our large dispenser bottle (we've had it since we got married, so it's over 4 years old), this gives us a measured 'dose' of shampoo so nothing gets wasted and it sits neatly on the edge of the shower for ease of use.

Then I called into Boots to see what was in their 'much advertised on the window 75% off sale'.  I got the little make up bag with a body cream and a hand cream inside for £2 (should have been £6).  My favourite ever in the world bubble bath was not on offer as such but if you spent over £8 (it's £8.50....which is why I get it for Christmas and birthday when I'm flush) on Spa products you got a bath soak worth £9.20 free.  So I got one.......extravagant you might be thinking now... has she gone this the way for a newly converted Frugal Girl to behave!!  NO of course it not ...... but I used points from my Boots card to pay for the that's lovely treats for me for FREE.....I'm a very happy bunny.

One thing I am doing now is keeping all my receipts and when I get home from a shopping expedition writing ALL my spending down in my big office diary, obtained for free from where Lovely Hubby works, I think he accidentally said he needed two this year !!

So this week up to now out of four days I have had two No Spend Days (including today).  Not too bad, so including buying a new loaf tin for all the homemade bread I'm making,  I've still got £21.25 left in the housekeeping kitty to last until Sunday. 

What are you tempted most by in charity shops?

Sue xx


  1. Most of my cooking books come from charity shops. Its nice to have a browse, oh and magazines, I could spend a fortune of magazines, but never buy any, as I would be spending a fortune. So I always look out for magazines.

  2. It cooking books and magazines for me. I could spend a fortune on magazines, but never buy any, otherwise I would be spending a fortune. So I do like to look out for these.

  3. Oh're so like me, I'm being ruthless at the moment and letting all my pre-paid magazine subscriptions run out, I'll just keep Country Living I think and get a new subscription every year for my Christmas present.

    I always look for mags at car boot sales though, when they're only 20p or so each you can't say no....can you?

    Sue xx

  4. I am tempted by kitenalia at thrift and charity shops, and oh how can I forget cookbooks.

    I wish my husband woudl permit me to get rid of the DVDs we have accumulated over the years, but he's packed them up and says when we move we can watch them over anew. I think selling some of them might be a way forward, but right now this clutter is going with us too. We ordered some used boxes to start packing our stuff. Now how to find a removal company to shift our stuff from Glasgow to South Wales.

  5. Sue, you wouldn't happen to have a copy of an old film called 'The Medusa Touch' would you? I'm looking for that for someone.

    Well done with the decluttering, Amazon listing and receipt keeping. I list all my income and expenditure on a spreadsheet - there's a blank copy of it for downloading from my 'handy links' section in the Frugaldom forum. It's basic but tallies everything as you progress through the months.

    Can't wait to see your fixy up once you've bought it! It's such great fun fixing up, even at snail's pace on a miniscule budget. :)

  6. Sue do you still have the River Cottage Dvds? i would be interested to know how much you are asking for them but don't know your ident on Amazon to look!

  7. Compostwoman, if you put 'Beyond River Cottage' into Amazon and then choose the Used dvds you will find me as Sue's Big Clearout.

    If you then click on those words it will take you to my page where I think all the River Cottage dvds are still available.

    If you can get back in touch with me via my email address we can do a better deal on the ones you want!

    Sue xx

  8. I love hunting for china, linens & lace, old books & vintage items to make our home cozy & pretty. Thankfully, we live in a affluent county with a charity shop that always has amazing items, that are worth a lot, for pennies!

    Enjoying your blog.


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