Monday, 2 January 2012

And so it begins.....

And so it more sitting around, resting and relaxing for most of the day.  We are off on our marathon packing up of the house and farm.  Yesterday I packed up most of our beloved books.  The smaller boxes from all my Approved Food orders are brilliant for this, they hold just enough to keep the weight manageable.

We have a lot....

..they are in the kitchen above the plate rack... the living room in the glass fronted cupboards... the large unit we have the tv stood on.

Some more in the kitchen, next to the microwave.

In my lovely pine cupboard that I used to have in my shop.  They are in nooks and crannies, on window sills and ledges.  On the coffee table if we are currently reading them.

I thought I had almost come to an end....but Lovely Hubby has just come downstairs with a HUGE stack......yes they are on bedside tables too.  Oh well must just go and fetch another box.

Then I am off outside to help LH.   It is a gloriously sunny day and we are making the most of it by digging up some of our fruit trees and putting them into big pots to take with us.   LH has just been packing up the small animal trailer with things that we shouldn't be needing for quite a while, they can stay in there stored safely away until we need them.

Next I will be packing away all my empty plant pots and seed trays from the polytunnel into some great big boxes we have, these will be kept handy though and on standby to be put into service as soon as we move, luckily we have a long greenhouse at the new place, after I give it a thorough clean it will be put straight into action growing our foods ready for Spring.

I must say though, I love having my books around me and I'm missing them already, maybe I can snaffle one or two back out of the boxes, luckily they are all labelled clearly !

Off to work.....

Sue xx


  1. Oh, dear, what a lot of books! Just reminds me of my house as I have lots, although I must admit I have had to store some in plastic boxes in the garage, which I hate. I do hate parting with any other than novels which I pass on. There are some I've never read and want to keep for when I have time, lots of German books to read when I'm in the mood and travel books too.

    Good luck with the books and hope you find places to keep them all.

  2. Love your books. hope the move goes well. xxx

  3. I don't envy you if you have to downsize your collection!

    When's your moving date?

  4. It doesn't sound as though you'll have time to read anyway!
    Jane x

  5. That is alot of books, they are nice though.

    Best of luck for the move.

  6. that's a lot of books - you could start a mobile library even!

  7. Oh, memories of moving the books! I remember coming here in '95 and the removal guy sdaying "I hate moving clergymen and teachers, they always have loads of boxes of books - and to have one married to the other like this..." I think we had 114 boxes JUST containing books. Samll strong boxes are definitely best [I got to know the guy at the off licence well, as his small boxes were just right] whats your moving date?

    blessings x


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