Saturday, 7 January 2012

Armed but decidedly un-dangerous.......

We are heading off to our new place, armed, but decidedly un-dangerous.  We have our tape measures, our pad and pencil and our half awake brains, hopefully by the time we get there we will be awake enough to take down all those important vital statistics of our new home.

Which curtains will I be able to salvage, which of our two sofas will be sold on, will our extra large farmhouse table even fit through the door.  Lots of questions, but all is about to be discovered.

And the great thing is we don't really mind what we need to get rid of completely or replace for smaller copies, we have no great love affair with our 'stuff', true we chose things together because we loved them at the time and needed them at the time, but as long as we have each other we would live in a large cardboard box, with lots of little cardboard boxes for furniture (although I would of course require a good cardboard bookcase wherever I lived !!).

Cardboard blogging desk anyone!!

Sue xx


  1. This is a real encouragement to me this new year to continue to declutter things. If I have not hung the curtains I brought to this house 16 years ago [because they do not fit the windows] why are they still in the loft?

    As you say, as long as you have your beloved, the rest is just stuff.

    blessings xx

  2. Good Luck with the measuring!! Don't forget all your books could be classed as 'Insulation'!! Just like all my quilting fabric in the loft!! I think I save us soooo much with such efficient 'Insulation'!!

  3. I'm not sure about not dangerous...those self retracting tape measures can be lethal in the wrong hands!
    Jane x

  4. I agree, such a new adventure together.

    You must be so excited and it's great that you are so focused on the bigger picture.

    Sft x

  5. I am excited for you, I am sure everything will work out fine......

    Gill in Canada


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