Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sunrise and Tractors

Absolutely gorgeous sunrise this morning, the camera didn't do it justice (as usual) but it's almost there.  With the farm being literally in the middle of nowhere we have a huge expanse of sky and to see it change colour so dramatically just takes my breath away.  A wonderful start to the day.

As the sky diffused with light everything came into subtle relief, including Lovely Hubby's John Deere tractor, now in the final stages of its transformation.

The new hydraulic system , designed for this tractor and adapted by LH himself and with parts designed by him and manufactured by some of his friends in the business is almost complete.  The front arms go up and down and all it's accessories can now be used to help us with heavy lifting during our move.

One downside, in my opinion, while he was working on the tractor in our landlords barn with his tractor specialist last weekend he spotted a set of forks (like off a fork lift truck) and made an offer to our landlord for them.......somehow fittings for them have now appeared on my kitchen table ready for painting!

I must remind him, we have friends coming for Supper on Friday, they will not be used to balancing the salt and pepper and their side plates on tractor parts!!

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Sue xx


  1. Lovely pictures of this morning Sue.

  2. Tractor parts on the kitchen table, love it. OH will too.

    I like your world, alot.

  3. Hey, I think your sunrise picture turned out great. It's absolutely beautiful.

  4. Awww beautiful sunrise... my hubby has a passion for tractors too! We have a rusty heap in the shed (don't tell him I called it that)..I must take a photo so that you can show your hubby...boys and their toys eh! :)x

  5. That sunrise is gorgeous - what a dramatic photo!

  6. Wow! That sunrise is amazing Sue!

    Sft x

  7. Beautiful picture of sunrise....but really fall in love with the tractor pic...as I'm a fan of antique tractors .... lol :)

    1. It was Lovely Hubby's pride and joy his John Deere 3130


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