Monday, 30 January 2012

Planning the Weekly Menu

First job - check the freezer contents.  I am using this small freezer as the holder of all things to be eaten each week .  But to be able to do that we first have to eat all the contents of it.  Rather then go from freezer to freezer I am trying to make all meals from what I have here, I started this last week when it was full to the top and this it's what's left for this week..

It somehow looks a lot more when laid out on the table, after taking these pictures I put the food back into the freezer and then I uploaded them all onto the computer and sat with a cup of coffee in comfort at the screen and came up with a menu for the week.  Obviously I have to add somethings to the items here but I have vegetarian options in the other freezer and we still have potatoes and onions in the cupboard, enough for a couple of weeks I hope!

(Did you spot the missing item?  I took the first photo last night before we ate the icecream!!)

So briefly the freezer looked like this, hopefully by this time next week it will be similar but I won't have things to pile back in.  Next week I will use the upright freezer to similarly work out a menu plan and then put just the items needed for the week into here, but I think I will defrost it first, they work much more efficiently and on less electricity when not all iced up.

So left out of the freezer to thaw today is this.....

... and this.   Some of these will be used to make a Steak and Onion Pasty for Lovely Hubby,

and I will have a Cheese and Onion one made with some of this, taken out of the big chest freezer this morning.  I always grate up the full block and keep it in a large tub in the fridge, it keep for ages this way and is really handy to have ready grated as it goes at lot further than when simply sliced, something I learnt when my boys were young.

So now I'm just going to write up the menu plan and stick it in my diary, something I've started doing each week, it's handy to have there to refer to each morning, so I know what to take out of the freezer to defrost over the course of the day and to remind me what to actually make for tea.

So what is your freezer full of at the moment and dare you publish a photo of it on your Blog?

Sue xx


  1. I may post a photo when I have cleaned it out........but not before....LOL

    It's one job I have to do a freezer inventory!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. I dare, but I haven't got time to empty three chest freezers' worth of food out in order to photograph it all!!
    I have made use of the freezer this month in order to reduce our grocery budget - we still have plenty of soft fruit, veg, cakes, bread, meat, fish, etc in there. There's no ice cream, though - gets eaten too quickly here so I don't buy it often.
    Thanks for sharing - I love your blog xx

  3. That's a great tip about the cheese. It's funny but I think that grated cheese tastes nicer somehow than sliced cheese. I've got one of my freezer drawers still full of vegetables from the allotment from last year, they're really lasting well, and I managed to squeeze in a couple of chickens which I bought at Morrisons at the weekend as they were half price.

  4. Freezer is looking healthy. Thank goodness as we're trying to get by on £40 this month.

    Sft x

  5. I have two freezers, one a large upright and one a medium size chest freezer where I keep all my bulk flour, butter and home made goodies for when visitors pop in. Yes- they're both full so no need for shopping for a few weeks at least. Once a year, we eat them out, clean and restock.


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