Thursday 26 January 2012

Guest Blogger - Toby

Hello my name is Toby I was born in June 1998, I'm a handsome chap, black all over and as suave and sophisticated as can be.  I look mild and well mannered but if I decide I don't like you....well put it this way you have been warned!! I have lived in six different houses, including two where I had to commute up and down the length of England on a weekly basis for a full year with my roving Mum and Dad, I believe I am shortly to be relocated yet again....oh well humans it seems just cannot make up their minds where their lair is supposed to be, well at least my humans.

Today and for one day only I am hijacking the Blog to post about us animals.  Mum's Blogging Buddy Jane (who very sensibly loves cats....she has 13 you know, a very sensible human) has been promised animal pictures and so far has been left waiting and waiting. 

 So with no further ado..... let me order of age....

Sophie the Border Collie, useful for rounding up and guarding chickens...born June 1999, she's a dog you know.

Archie, the fluffiest beast on the farm, born in October 2007 sent into this world to torment me, his elder and better looking brother. I'll admit he's a better hunter than me but bringing Mum three or four dead mice a day is not something I think she's terribly impressed by, so I just conserve my energy now and let him do all the work.

This I believe is a thing called a chicken, they seem to make Mum very happy with their strange egg laying habits, but she doesn't let them in the house so I don't think they're any competition to me.  This one and lots of her sisters were born in early Spring 2009, it's the one Mum calls Matilda, she's been known to pinch cat food, something I try to discourage.

This is Caldwell, the leader of the chickens, not a bad guy but tends to be a bit noisy in the mornings when I'm trying to sleep after a night on the tiles, but he does keep those pesky birds in some kind of order and lets me know when there's danger on the horizon.

This crazy animal is called Rosy, she was born in May 2009 and came to live here in the Summer of that year.  I think she came here with the sole intention of stealing my thunder, it didn't last long, she knows her place!!  One good thing about her she is even better at catching mice and rats than Archie something he gets terribly huffy about!

This creature came to live here in December last year, she is called Suky and is a Pug, she was born in October 2011.  I take pity on her because I think someone has slammed a door into her face and countersunk her nose, poor thing.  Mum obvisouly felt very sorry for her, so I let her be....usually.

There that is a round up of the animals left on the farm, there used to be pigs, lots and lots of pigs, but they couldn't catch mice, or sit on the fence or do anything really useful so I think that's why they've all vanished.  Well I better be off now, I've had enough of this Blogging lark.

Toby xx


  1. Looking good for his age is Toby, and lovely photos:)

  2. How do you get your guest bloggers to write up for you Sue? They are excellent raconteurs. We only have visiting guests wandering round the garden and peering in at the back door (a tortioseshell cat and a cat with only half a tail!). They just run away and won't write anything! Ann x

  3. Lovely post Sue, errm Toby!

    Sandie xx

  4. Thanks, Toby. I enjoyed being introduced to all your friends. We have an Archie here too, though he's a dog. I'm going to have to show this post to my daughter, her favourite dogs are pugs and Suky is just so cute. On second thoughts, I might not show this post to my daughter, the nagging will start again if I do.

  5. Toby, I know I can always rely on a cat! Your Mum ,Sue, promised me to give you and your brothers and sisters (even the dogs!)the credit you deserve by posting your BEAUTIFUL pictures and letting the world know just how talented you all are.She forgot (probably too busy removing mouse carcasses and collecting eggs) but you, my lovely boy, did not forget!! You deserve an extra log on the fire, some cat treats (which you could share with the dogs....perhaps?), and a great big cuddle!
    Love aunty Jane xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Just popped over from Jane's. This post made me laugh. I agree with Toby that Jane is a lovely human being xxx

  7. Hi Toby, just read this post to Cleo (16) lester (11) woster (11) my 3 cats they were in agreement with most of what you said however didnt like this mouse buisness. Hetty & Hilda my 2 chickens thought Caldwell was a bit of a looker!.

  8. that is such a good post, glad to meet all your "family."

    Gill in Canada

  9. A very good post Toby! You will probably be interested to know that I have just done a 'Toby' post too....but you may not be so keen when you find that it is about a dog!

  10. Zena told me that she really liked this post x

  11. Toby is gorgeous! Great post and a lovely way to meet your animals :)

  12. Hello Toby, you are a very handsome cat - but I have to say I fell in love with Caldwell the little dog. Nice to meet you Toby.


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