Thursday 14 July 2011

This mornings' little harvest of goodies for our tea.  I see a deliciously light Summer Soup...what do you see?

~ ~ ~ ~

Don't you just love this pot.......haha....I think it's possibly the worst pot ever!! 

 But when I read about 'The Sealed Pot' challenge on Martin and Amy's Blog and then tracked it back to Sft's Blog I just had to join in.  Now I know I could have just used Spotty Jug again, indeed I've started saving in there already, but he's so accessible and I think if you are going 'sealed' you have to do it properly.

The I debated whether to just seal up a tub of some sort of container from the house, but I have always wanted one of these pots. So while I was in town yesterday I had a look round the charity shops for something suitable, and came up empty handed, then I went in the card shop and there amongst all the gorgeously decorated 'Pots of Dreams' was this monstrosity, now everyone else must have thought so to because it was the only one reduced to half price.  My eyes saw it like this, all bright orange and tacky, but in the back of my mind it looked completely different.

It's halfway through it's little makeover at the moment, I'll show you the finished article tomorrow.

If you're interested in joining in with 'The Sealed Pot' challenge use the links above for more information.  It will be very interesting to see how much we all mange to save and also what we end up spending our money on.

Sue xx

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