Saturday 16 July 2011

A reading kind of day....

The weather has turned wet and windy and it really is a reading kind of day.  Just as well really as we have rather a lot of reading to do.

After Lovely Hubby's diagnosis the other week the medical profession sprang into action and he had an appointment with the Diabetes Nurse this week.  She recommended the sort of diet that she thinks will suit him down to the ground, luckily it's one I do VERY well on too, so we can share.

He has to start on a really low carbohydrate diet and then up the carbs gradually until he finds a level that suits him, very similar to what you do on the Dukan or Atkins diets.  But we are to follow Dr Charles Clarks diet, this include many more vegetables and some fruit to keep you healthier throughout your weight loss and to keep your blood sugar as balanced as possible.  The Nurse recommended some books....of course I bought them all immediately from my favourite place.

 These are the two we are to use the most, we both have to read them and try and follow the diet starting on Monday.  Until then we are to eat normally and monitor LH's blood sugar using his little high tech gadget that links to the computer, after that we will be able to see if switching to the new diet makes things better, the information can be passed to the Nurse in the form of spreadsheets and she will be able to tell us if we are on the right track can see if the diet really does benefit him.  His next appointment is in November, I wonder what he will weigh by then?

The good thing about the diabetic diet is that it's a diet for health, for everybody, so it means I'm not buying and cooking specific things just for LH. I'm working on getting us both as healthy as possible.  This could be the best thing that's ever happened to us!  Once again we are on a journey together.

Looking out of the window as I type, I see it most definitely is a day to curl up inside with a good book.

Hope your weather's a bit better than ours.  Have a good weekend.

Sue xx

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