Thursday 21 July 2011

What am I up to......

At the moment I am spending lots of time' gathering chicken food''s my new name for weeding.  Everytime the girls see me at the veggie beds they cluster at the fence waiting for the tray of weeds to be flung over so they can have a good sort out and nab the tastiest bits.  It also means when folk come to the farm and say "my, what a lot of weeds you have" I can truthfully say I am saving them for the chickens!!

Also I'm taking great delight in watching the bees buzzing about the Borage and the lavender.  Lots of lavender has been left unharvested, the weather conditions this year here on the farm have not been that good for it and the bees are loving the mass of flowers.

I'm also now reading these books after finishing the others at the start of the week.  Every time I come in for a cuppa or collapse on the sofa in a heap at the end of a long days sorting out or 'gathering chicken food' I grab a book and read a chapter or two.  Hopefully some of the information will be sinking in, but I'm starting to feel 'all carbed out'!!

Sue xx

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