Monday 18 July 2011

And when I got there......

After feeding the chickens and pigs this morning I walked the dogs through the fields, what a difference from last week, it is cold and windy, the weeds have died right down, and if you were looking down at your mud covered wellies and didn't look up and see the trees in full leaf you would have thought we were on the verge of Autumn.  I hope the warmer weather comes back soon, we have a big show we are going to next weekend, the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace, and then hopefully a Car Boot sale on the Sunday morning to jettison some more 'unnecessaries', so a week of warm, dry weather will make the ground much better.

After feeding I tore slices of one of the large Hestons we have, (see above picture, only ours are straw and that is hay)  and distributed them amongst the pigs.  Pigs like to have a 'door mat' so they don't walk mud into their arks and after moving the Kunes ark yesterday it was sat on soil and they definitely needed some straw outside it,  then looking around I saw everyone was a  bit muddy so they all got a bit to give them something dry to lie on today after the weekends downpours.

Then after all that activity, and covered from head to foot in straw it was time for me to come in for my breakfast.....

...and when I got there..... the bread bin was bare!!

The cracker tin is pretty empty too!

4 sausages = 0g carbs,  4 rashers of bacon = 0g carbs,  2 eggs = 0g carbs

But Lovely Hubby's breakfast plate (picture taken yesterday), looks pretty impressive.

1 slice of bread = 17g of carbs,  1 Apple = 10g

We are now starting properly on our Low Carb Diet using the book at the top of my sidebar as our guide.  It is important to keep your carbs as low as possible for the first couple of weeks on the diet so you have to restrict them carefully.  This is to get your body burning your stored fat rather than only burning carbs and then telling you to eat more to replace them, which is what has the bad effect on your insulin levels and thus your health.

  The ideal figure to stay below is 40g of carbs a day but you have a 'safety margin' of up to 60g if you are struggling a bit, so  I've found myself reading the little nutrition boxes on foods carefully once again.  Years ago I did the Atkins Diet, which is a slightly unhealthier version of this, but with impressive and quick results and I got used looking out for the hidden carbs in everything I ate.  On Dr Charles Clarks High Protein diet you are allowed almost unlimited amounts of most vegetables and one piece of fruit a day, the fruit is included in your carb count but the veggies are outside it, as well as lots and lots of protein.  The good thing about the diet is that the protein and fat you are allowed keep you feeling full, and you completely lose the urge to snack between meals.

We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.    Better get back to the book for more inspiration.

Sue xx

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