Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thank You Spotty Jug

Remember the Spotty Jug Challenge, when I saved all surplus housekeeping from 1st January until our holiday in May (gosh that seems like a long time ago).  Well I said then that we weren't going to just blow our hard earned savings on bits and bobs and see it frittered away, we wanted something that fitted in with Our Year of Living Simply plan. 

We decided to buy ourselves a Brennan, and turn this cluttered area of our lives.....

...into this clear space.

It is simply a little hard drive thingy (I know very technical...) that now holds all our CD collection and we can play specific tracks, albums or just have it on random, whenever we feel the need for a bit of relaxing music in the house (or in Lovely Hubbys case......HEAVY stuff), NO we do not share the same taste in music, but we do like a lot of compromises thank goodness.  Ours can hold up to 3000 Cd's some hold even more!

And the good news, with the money left over from the holiday spending and the money we made selling the stereo system and most of our CDs (we kept a few to play in the cars) , we had enough to pay for it completely so a win, win, no spend situation.

If you want more information on our new little toy click on this link.

Sue xx

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