Wednesday 20 July 2011

Seven Links

I've been tagged by the lovely Laura over at Our Wee Farm to share with you seven links.  This idea was started over at Tripbase Blog and has travelled around the world gaining momentum as it goes.  I simply have to choose which of my previous Blog posts fit into these seven categories.  No easy job I seem to have done hundreds!!

I hope you like my choices, I'm sure there are many more suitable ones but it took me long enough to find these!!  (Just click on the heading to be taken straight to the post in question.)

In my opinion a wonderful tribute to one of my favourite girls.

So many people clicked on, copied and then tried their own versions of this, we're still drinking it now (the Champagne didn't work though!!).

I don't do controversy, but I did tout for votes here....and I won....Thank you!

This was sort of a tie as another really helpful post, according to all my lovely readers, was the using toilet roll centre to start all your seedlings in and planting them straight out without disturbing the roots.  But this one seemed to come at a time when lots of you were debating about or actually getting your very own chickens for the first time.

Lots of you rallied to my aid with coments and emails.......and the best dish to come out of all the trials... the Cheesey Coleslaw.  I am a definite convert to Kohl's yummy!

This got the most ever emails sent to me as well as the comments on the actual post.  I thank you for your support.

This was a strange one to do, I don't 'feel' that my posts 'deserve' your attention at all, that you chose to give them it is wonderful, and I am grateful to have found this little band of Blogging and Blog reading buddies.  So thank you for giving me your attention, and I can assure each and every one of you that takes the time to leave comments and get in touch are treasured.  Those of you who stay quiet are just as welcome, but you should be brave and venture forth, join as a follower and leave your comments, I love to read them.  So as a treat to those of you who have joined later in this Blogs life.....The Very First Entry.

This has been a lovely, but time consuming post to do, it has made me look back over past entries, occasionally with a tear in my eye, but it has been a good way to spend an hour or so, I hope you enjoy reading the choices I have made.

I am supposed to 'tag' five other Bloggers who I would like to have a go at this, but I realise most of you are busy, busy people.  If you would like to have a go consider yourself tagged.  I would love to hear if you are going to give this a go so I can view your choices.

Sue xx

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