Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Last Tomatoes......

These are the last tomatoes that I will have bought from a shop!!  My own have just started turning red, we shared the first red little jewel from the polytunnel on last nights salad.  Halved it and popped it on top of the pile of delicious leaves and salady bits...a taster of things to come.

Coming on really well this year and being used extensively are our herbs.  Freshly picked to mix in with and to garnish each meal, we are loving the freshness and the intense flavours they bring to each dish and they are aiding us in our aim to eat less salt.  With flavours that zing like some of the herbs do you simply don't need to add extra salt to your meals.

And.....Ooops...I did it again.....ordered from here.   That sidebar button has a lot to answer for !!

This lovely new book from 'the jam people' Bonne Maman,  'The Seasonal Cookbook' is full of luscious recipes including... for my favourite herb...lavender!

And also it has lots of ideas on what to do with those pretty little jam pots after you have scraped every last bit of the jam out.

 Ooooh.....look more lavender ideas!!

Sue xx

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