Friday, 15 July 2011

Now it really is my 'Pot of Dreams'

Ta - Da !!

You would seriously think that out of a tasteful box like this something lovely would emerge......'d be contained this.

I quickly grabbed my tin of paint and hid the Garfield look alike pot under a coat of gorgeous green.

And now it fits happily in with the rest of the kitchen.  Ousting Spotty Jug from his place on the shelf.

Off course while I had a paint brush in my hand......... to pick some more of these before I give the chair another coat.  It's a good job Martha the Middle White likes them, we're overrun with courgettes at the moment.


If you're slightly bemused at my 'Pot of Dreams' it's because I'm taking part in the Sealed Pot Challenge, see HERE.

Sue xx

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