Tuesday 26 July 2011

So Tasty.....

Sometimes on your Blog hopping travels you discover a Blog that is informative, useful and just a brilliant read, when it's one that also gives you ideas for your tea, it's the best blog in the world.

When I stumbled on Shaheen's Blog last year, I immediately sensed a like-minded soul and sat back and read it from the very beginning (that always makes me feel a bit like a stalker but it gets you in tune with the person writing the Blog and explains what they're talking about now).

Her Blog is called Allotment 2 Kitchen, and from it I print out sooooo many recipes my little folder is bursting at the seams, they all work and they are all delicious.  The one I printed most recently is the quiche above 'Carrot, Puy Lentil and Parsley Flan'.  I read it and within 2 hours I had my very own sat waiting for me to have a slice for my lunch.  We took the rest to Bleinhem with us on Saturday and ate it as part of our picnic, and it was equally delicous 2 days old.  I must point out that the filling gave me enough for 2 quiches so if you are filling a standard sized quiche base just use half quantities.

Lovely Hubby's blood sugar levels are evening out nicely now thatwe are following a very healthy low-carb diet, so much so that he can choose to eat a limited amount of carbs each day, so he's back on about 2 pieces of fruit a day, and he can enjoy gorgeous tasty things like Shaheen's Flan.

Piggy feeding time now....so off I go.

Have a good day, and wishing a very safe journey to my lovely folks who are heading to the farm today to visit us here in cloudy Oxfordshire, lets hope the sun shines on the righteous (and us as well!!)

Sue xx

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