Friday, 1 July 2011

An Award.......

Ooooh...I've got an award from my lovely cyber pal Karon over at So Easy Life , she's a bit a a Media Tart these days......and lovely with it!  Fame and fortune could not have come to a nicer lady, we have met in the flesh and she's just as lovely as she comes over in her Blog and on the television, unfortunately I can't get to see her on the box very often as she's on Scottish TV, and as our computer take f-o-r-e-v-e-r  to download anything I can only catch a glimpse of her when I'm at my Mum's or if I have the forethought to set it downloading before I go to bed.  But I do read her Blog almost every day, she lives as mad a life as I do, no wonder we're cyber buddies.

Anyway the Award, I'm supposed to link back to her , click on the name of her Blog and you will be magically taken to Karon's World, choose 7 other lovely blogging chums to pass the award on to -

I choose the lovely -

Penny at The Henhouse

Jacqueline at Tinned Tomatoes

and last but most definitely not least, the lovely Laura at

who's living our kind of life....but upside down!!

All they have to do is to pick up the Award picture for their Blog or their sidiebar and link back to me and tell us all their secrets....well 7 of them anyway!  All you have to do is just click on any of the links to visit these lovely folk and see why I love their Blogs so much and why I truly believe they should have this award.

And then tell you 7 things about myself......I'll have to think long and hard about that, I thought I'd told you everything there is to know!

1.  I love wearing my  wellies, in fact that's the best bit about living on a farm

2.  Me and Lovely Hubby met over the Internet, although we only lived a mile apart!

3.  I HATE clutter, it makes me depressed, hence Our Year of Living Simply to get rid of it ALL.

4.  I LOVE using the last of something, so I can throw away the container (could be something to do with number 3).

5.  I no longer have an urge to shop, and am no longer a 'Bag' lady, my collection of handbags went from 38 to 3 when we moved onto the farm and now I'm seriously considering going down to just ONE!!

6.  I live for the moment and the day, I have no regrets about the past and no dread of the future....what will be will be.  This is an ongoing journey but one that I have almost mastered.

7.  I HATE chocolate cake with a vengeance, in fact I don't really like cake, I love shortbread.

There...... 7 very weird and obscure things, I can't wait to read yours when you pick up the award folks.  What a brilliant way to get to know each other, well to get to know weird and wonderful things about each other.

I'm off to clean out my henhouses now.....see I forgot to mention I live a very glamourous life!!

Sue xx

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