Monday 2 March 2009

A Whirl of a Weekend.......

After a quick tidy up on Friday morning we zoomed off to the chainsaw shop to order our new chainsaw and all the safety equipment that it seems to need in order for lovely Hubby to retain hearing, vision and both of his legs!! Then it was straight up the motorway to drop Sophie off for her weekend break with my Mum and Dad. Then it was even further up the motorway to lovely Cumbria to spend an evening at the cinema and on to our room at the Travelodge.

Then after a spot of shopping and a haircut on Saturday morning it was time for lunch with the boys and a good catch up on all the news and then it was time to say good bye to this:

The sign was taken down and all the shop fittings loaded into the car, and after a look around the door was closed for the final time. The business will now be run solely from Farmers Markets, and online as soon as the website is developed. I was quite sad to say the final goodbye to my shop, but we have this fresh challenge now so it's onwards and upwards!!

Then we took Jason to watch the fabulous Barrow Savoyards production of ' The Pirates of Penzanze' ....brilliant. A good time was had by all.

Sunday involved a lovely leisurely lie in and then a visit to my favourite wholesaler to pick up the extra bits and pieces for my first Farmers Market next Sunday. Oooh....I how love aisle upon aisle of ribbon, baskets, silk flowers and girly stationery. Much gorgeousness was purchased and squeezed into all the available gaps in the car.

Then it was off to Mums for a lovely lunch and then a brilliant guided tour of their allotments. They are on the local allotment committee and have SO much good advice to give us. As (almost) complete beginners we really appreciate this and we must drive them mad asking questions.

Lots of fun was had and much messing about went on, but the serious business of picking up our seed potatoes and onion sets was the highlight of the day. We will eat homegrown food later this year and it's all starting to take shape.

You REALLY think you can hide from MY camera Dad?

They have had their allotment for over 20 years and So much lovely homegrown food has been produced there. They showed us the crop rotation charts and yield figures for the last few years and we are SO impressed. If we can do something similar we will be very happy.

Lots to see even at this time of year.

Hubby leaning on the compost bins absorbing all the information (and looking cute!!)

And after a final chat over coffee and cake it was time to squeeze all our lovely goodies (and Sophie the dog) into the 2 cars and wind our weary way home. Tired but happy, and very very grateful for our supplies, tools and advice from Mum and Dad.

If they're reading this (and they do) THANK YOU. Love you lots, miss you much and see you again soon.

So, now it's the start of another week, and on the agenda this week is finishing off the en-suite bathroom, still waiting to be painted. Starting on the raised beds for the veggies and booking ourselves onto a chicken course. These and a thousand and one other little jobs that seem to creep up on you when you have 6 acres of weeds to sort out!!

Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue, it's lovely hear about your plans for your 6 acres, and all your hard work. What an exciting adventure. I can imagine it was hard to say good bye to your shop, but as one door closes another one has opened for you .
    Bertie x

  2. That was a packed weekend, how lovely! I second what Bertie has said above me here, it was what I was going to say too! Looking forward to hearing and seeing your progress with the veggies and the business. I'm a little envious of the ribbon and basket experience, that would be lovely, my kind of treat!
    Take care, Sarah x


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