Monday 9 March 2009

Market Day

My stall.

Well Sunday dawned bright and sunny, the sort of day when you really don't mind getting out of bed. After a couple of rousing coffees and a quick bowl of cereal we loaded the car and set off for the village Farmers Market, literally just in the centre of our village, (it would be even closer if our driveway wasn't one and a half miles long).

This was to be my first Farmers Market, I was eager to see if my shop stock would sit well with the other farmers offerings. It looked lovely and I received SO many nice compliments and so much encouragement.

I was very pleased to be given a huge area just next to the fireplace, so I had the side of the little stage platform that I could fill with goodies too, and everyone who sat in the little café area to drink their coffees and eat the lovely bacon butties could sit and plan their next purchase looking directly at my stall.

The lovely vegetable man. No wonder he looks proud the veggies were amazing.

Lovely bulbs and garden plants.

Everyone was really friendly and pleased to meet us, the word had spread around the village that the 'new folks' from the farm would be having a stall and Lovely Hubby had been roped in to help with the frying of bacon butties and much washing up. Only the day before he had been complaining that all this outdoor work was roughening up his hands, well....hands that do the Fairy advert goes!!

Yummy cakes ... mmm ... resistance is futile!!

We had a brilliant time, lots of buying as well as selling went on and I came away with a beautiful bunch of flowers, some little bottles of liqueurs, a large chunk of Brie for Hubby, a bottle of freshly pressed apple juice, the most gorgeous tasting carrot cake, a dozen free range eggs and 3 enormous leeks (to be turned into a proper bowl of leek and potato soup later this week.

Hubbys favourite stall.

The range of stalls is amazing and the entire thing SO well run. Everything seems to compliment each other and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. If you are in the area next month make every effort to come, you will not be disappointed, it will be Easter Sunday so there are lots of extras planned, an Easter Egg hunt for the children and raffles etc.. and once again the lovely, yummy bacon butties.

Proper Ready Meals....the sort that are home cooked and delicious and just ready to pop into the freezer, and take out to whip up a quick tea after a days hard digging.

Flowers galore and all things Eastery.

An excellent morning was had by all and after a quick tidy of the Village Hall it was time to retire (with all the other stall holders) to the Village Pub....well it would have been rude not to!!

Sue xx


  1. OK, I give ... what's a bacon buttie please? I would have so enjoyed browsing the farmer's market ...

  2. A bacon buttie is a bacon sandwich. Sorry I'm a true northern girl and we call all sandwiches 'butties'!!

    Love Sue xx

  3. It looks fab Sue, your stall looks really lovely, so pleased you had a good day, I hope your sales were as successful as your purchases! I may just make a note of your market and pop along one weekend, it would be a good day out for us, not that we don't go out but we do live a little way away, close enough for a day trip though! And who wouldn't want a bacon buttie on a Sunday!
    Take care, Sarah x

  4. Your stall looks lovely! Hope you sold plenty!
    Seems like you had a very busy weekend! ;-)

  5. Yes I sold loads......lovely lavender in every form, pot pourri, lavender heads, bunches, sachets and lavender bags. The children loved the little vegetable soaps in the shapes of hearts and my Jute shopping bags went down a storm. We're a very 'green' lot here in Great Haseley and there are not a lot of plastic carriers to be seen. All in all a VERY good day!

    Sue xx


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