Tuesday 10 March 2009

Pond or lake?

The pond (lake?) before.

Over the weekend as well as attending the Farmers Market and doing all the normal 'chores' we decided to attempt the huge job of clearing around the pond. Is it a pond or is it a mini lake, we don't know.

Slightly overgrown around the edges.

By the end of the day on Friday it felt like a lake and we had only cleared about 30 foot around the side nearest to the house and we were all exhausted. Hubby was a naughty boy and started to use his new chainsaw even though he has not done his Safety and Maintenance Course yet, and he didn't even have all his safety stuff on - BAD BOY. I had visions of a trip to the nearest A & E with his leg tucked under my arm and an unconscious man bleeding and making a mess all over my lovely little Corsa ( I could have folded him up and put him in the boot I suppose!!).

Getting stuck in with gusto.

Jason discovered that if you hit a Bulrush with your rake it's seed head explodes and an amazing amount of cotton wool-like seed covers you from head to foot, we were spitting the blooming things out for ages and rubbing our eyes too.

One down....two to go!

Later Jason also took the opportunity of the lovely dry sunny day to sand down all three doors ready for painting and a really good job he has done too. A couple of days with no rain and they will have dried out enough for a fresh coat of undercoat and paint.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go ...

I, meanwhile was given the task of removing all the weeds, bulrushes and things we had dredged out of the side of the pond, in my trusty barrow to the bonfire site. So the day finished with a bonfire (once again). And three very tired but happy folk retired to our lovely cosy house for a curry and a couple of Magners each round a roaring log fire........well earned and delicious!

Looking slightly better, but lots more to do!!

Sue xx


  1. But it is going to be just lovely Sue. I think it is a lakelet! Sounds like a great weekend. xx

  2. Hello there Ms. Sue! I my part of the world (or the world I grew up in) we would call this a creek ... or with a midwestern twang ~ a crick!

  3. Looking at your pond come lake, I think I'd go for lake, looks like it's going to be fab and can't wait to see the results of all your hard work.

    lynn x

  4. Hi Sue, it's looking good. Are you going to get any ducks?
    Bertie x

  5. We have two wild ducks that took up residence the day we cleared the pond. Mrs Duck is now sat on a nest and we intend getting a dozen of our own later this year.

    Sue xx


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