Thursday 5 March 2009

Farmers Markets and Daffodils

Gorgeous 'Tete a Tete' daffodils bought from Great Haseley Farmers Market.

Yesterday was busy, but not in the way I had anticipated. No, we couldn't dig, the half bed we had already started had filled up with rain overnight and the last trench we had left looked like an Olympic swimming pool for rabbits!

Instead I started a practice table for the Farmers Market on Sunday and got completely carried away pricing the new stock and sorting the stock from the shop into my new workroom. It's all starting to take shape at last but the lavender didn't get bunched or bagged, so that lovely little job has been saved for today, first though I have to go and 'cut in' the edges in the en-suite bathroom so Jason can get busy with the paint roller this afternoon. Hopefully that won't take TOO long.

This morning I have been busy researching Farmers Markets in the area, I have found a total of nine that look promising, all fitting the criteria of being less than 1 hours drive away, on for a least a couple of hours and not clashing with the ones I am already booked for. Lots of nice shopping for me then!

 The first one to check out is tomorrow in Prestwood, I'm looking forward to it already.
I'll have to get my stall a bit more minimal than I'm used to though, think on a slightly smaller scale and not chuck everything on at once - this is the last show I did.

It was at the North Lonsdale Agricultural Show in Cumbria, and a fun and mud filled day was had by all. Sometimes I think I just go mad and pile everything on at once, I must be selective and restrained!!

 Now off I go to wield my paintbrush, well maybe after just one more cup of coffee, and later Lavender, mmm gorgeous. 

 Sue xx


  1. Good luck with the Farmers' Market..and I hope you find plenty to go to!
    You photo of your stall at your last show looks wonderful! ;-)

  2. Ooo yes lovely lavender, I had a good lavender session a little while ago, very relaxing, just need to pop my head in the box to get a top up every now and again!
    I like the look of your show table, I am sure you will make it look lovely for the markets, have a great time and I wish you every success, will check in with you next week to see how it went.
    Take care, Sarah x

  3. The photo of spring daffodils in that beautiful urn is just so pretty .....


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