Tuesday 17 March 2009

Snippets of my life ...

Just a few pictures today to show you some of my favourite things.

Starting with gorgeous Archie out on the prowl (he brought home a baby rabbit last night which was quickly re-located back to the field!).

The flowers Lovely Hubby bought for me 2 weeks ago, still looking lovely and bringing much pleasure. He's always bought me lots of flowers, even though I sell silk ones through the business we both love fresh flowers in the house. (I buy him the occasional bunch too, when he's least expecting it!)

Lovely Hubby himself in his 'Heyday'. (Haha...he'll shoot me for that one!)

Plants at the back door. They bring a smile to my face every time I arrive home.

Aggy the Aga....I'm loving cooking again, it's a whole new experience with an Aga.

My new mirror, hand-painted and gorgeous, and only £3 from a lovely little charity shop I found on Saturday. I can't keep away from charity shops at the moment, I managed them for years so you'd think I'd want a break!!

The first line of washing at this house blowing in the breeze yesterday. I had to put up a temporary washing line from a tree to the old climbing frame, I just couldn't leave things to dry indoors anymore with all this glorious sunshine outside.

The remnants from the lovely surprise Fortnum and Mason hamper we got at Christmas. With Pepper (the salt cellar), bought because of it's resemblance to Pepper our cat.  The matching pepper pot was dropped....why do you always break the things you love. And the little CK knitted dolly that I just could not resist!!

My latest Gecko. 

Ever since my divorce, which I celebrated by getting a gecko tattooed on my left arm, I've had a 'thing' for geckos. I've got them in wood, in metal and on pictures, there used to be shop in Bowness on Windermere that was called 'Gecko' but unfortunately they sold clothes not geckos!! It made me smile every time I drove past.

Not the usual sort of post, but one to make me smile, and I hope to brighten your day. Thanks for reading.

Flowers for you.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. Love that aga!

  2. Thanks for the flowers! I can empathise with breaking something you like, I broke one of my old mugs today, was really quite attached to it as it reminded me of a certain time in my life. But on the plus side - I now have a perfect excuse to find myself a new mug, which I think is quite exciting!

    Cooking on an aga must be like learning to cook allover again! I imagine it is quite different in techniques to use one. I had to re-think all my timings after I had the thermostat fixed on my cooker! I had gotton so used to things cooking exceptionally fast it was quite nice to be able to follow what a recipe actually said!

    Off to market myself tomorrow so better go and finish getting things together.

    Take care
    Sarah x

  3. Hi, just recently found your blog, so impressed that you are really living the dream, how wonderful. Love the gecko, my OH used to keep geckos, even bred a few as well! Why not post a pic of your gecko tattoo, take care Becky x


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